6 Ways screen recording can make your work easier

It’s no surprise that most people are highly dependent on mobile devices and computers when sharing information with others. One popular method is screen recording. It’s a useful tool for when you need to share video content without having to download it. The great thing about this is that you can share your screen the exact way you see it from your end. Here are a few ways you can use it to make tasks easier.

Save important things for later

Let’s say you find a video that contains information you may need for work later. Instead of downloading the entire video, you can just record the parts that are most valuable to you. You can also record your screen during a video call, especially if your manager is explaining a task and you need to refer to it at a later time.

Provide feedback to a coworker

If you need to provide feedback to a colleague regarding work they completed, you can record your screen to give them a view of which parts need fixing and which parts are done correctly. This is better than just adding notes or comments because you get to explain your feedback in a more detailed way.

Provide instructions to customers

Sometimes, customers may seek help to fill up a form or browse through your website. Instead of sending them a set of written instructions, which may be difficult for them to understand, record your screen instead. Show them how to fill up the form by filling it up yourself. Record a video of your screen as you browse through your website, showing them where they can find the information they need.

Share a brief portion of a video

If you wish to share only a specific part of a video you watched, you can easily record it with a screen recorder. It’s a lot easier than having to download the video and trim it down to one part only. It’s also a better option than sharing the link with your colleagues, especially if it’s a long video, so you can get them to watch the part that matters without wasting their time.

Go through a document for a client

Not all clients will immediately understand a document you send them. And sometimes, it’s not possible for you both to meet to discuss an important document. What you can do is open the document on your computer and record your screen as you go over the document, explaining every part of it to your client, then sending the recording or sharing a link to it through email.

Create a quick video presentation

If your presentation slides are too large to share through email, you can just record them and share the link with your team. This is also a great option if you have no time to create slides. Just open the items you need to present and record your screen. This is ideal for sharing charts, tables, and more.

Final thoughts

To be able to communicate more clearly with colleagues and clients, you’ll need all the tools you can use. Screen recording is an effective way to show workmates exactly the information or data they need to know and how to do certain tasks. You can even walk the extra mile and add a human element by recording your webcam too. Not only will these make your work easier but will also help build and strengthen professional relationships.


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