6 Best weather tracking apps designed for Windows

Knowing what the weather is going to be like is a major issue to everyone that ever leaves a house. And now, thanks to global warming, the climate becomes less predictable and can vary significantly between days or even hours. This is precisely why you need to equip yourself with a proper weather tracking app, and always have the type of knowledge that professional sites like Weather Station Advisor are providing at your disposal. Here are top weather apps designed for your Windows computer to help you out with the forecast. 

Weather Radar Pro

It is a paid application, but of top quality. It covers the United States, Europe, and Eastern Caribbean and offers animated weather radar with the option of watch/warning boxes, global hurricane tracking, and cloud overlays. You can find in your Microsoft store for just under 3 dollars, not a bad price for this piece of superior technology. This is an app for people who love analyzing the weather, as it offers in-depth information such as storm hail size, probability of hail, or cloud top height.

Perfect Weather Universal

Perfect Weather Universal is a free app that really has a universal feel to it. It operates using 26 different languages and is accessible almost worldwide. The app shows the current weather, as well as the forecast for the day and nine days ahead. Perfect Weather Universal shows details such as wind speed, pressure, day length, and the moon phase, so it is pretty accurate. Another significant advantage of the app is that it displays multiple live tiles and automatically updates the forecasts on the Start screen. You don’t have to refresh the page every few minutes anymore.

Simply Weather 

A free quality option when it comes to weather forecast software is the app called Simply Weather. It is designed to satisfy more practical people who are not interested in devoting hours of time to the weather analysis. Simple Weather checks all the boxes on the list of things it’s supposed to do. It shows you the weekly weather forecast along with pressure, humidity, wind conditions, sunrise, and sunset times. There is also an option in setting up weather alerts if you wish. 

MSN Weather

Yet another app from the Microsoft Store on the list. MSN Weather is a popular weather software that covers all of the basics and more. It has a clean appearance that adds to the attraction of this weather app. You can check here the latest weather conditions wherever you are and whatever you are doing. See accurate 10-day and hourly forecasts for yourself and be always prepared for what the weather has in store for you for the coming future. MSN Weather is also equipped with a news section so you can get caught up with all the newest weather headlines.

Strawberry Weather

Strawberry Weather is a colorful weather app. It offers 12 colorful themes that you can choose from. One of its strongest points is its low battery usage. You can expect it to use only about 3% of your battery per day. This is a fantastic feature to have, especially if you use the app while you’re traveling and don’t have access to a wall socket to power up your laptop. The software allows you to look for all the places you want and get the latest weather information about them. The advantage over other apps here is that you can synchronize the weather information across all your Windows devices. The app sadly doesn’t have a map in its basic version. However, there exists an option to upgrade your application and get the support of Dark Sky weather services that deliver real-feel temperatures, down-to-the-minute forecasts for the coming hour, and more.


The Forecast is considered one of the most clean-looking and informative weather apps available for Windows. This weather app covers endless locations worldwide and has both Live Tile and Lockscreen support. Its primary function is to, of course, display current conditions, along with weekly and hourly forecasts. Forecast also offers to download your weather information based on your current location automatically. And one additional option just for fun, you can set up your own background in the app. It is an energy-efficient software that is user friendly and easy to install on Windows. 

Global warming really changed the weather, and it has become moodier. Knowing what the weather is like is something people with all backgrounds need to know it every day. You can make your life much easier by installing one of the apps mentioned above that seem to be the best option for Windows users. Make your choice depending on your needs for accuracy and willingness to pay, and there are both paid and free apps available that will do the job correctly. Hopefully, the weather forecast is positive for your location most of the time, and that with the help of top software, you will never forget an umbrella. 


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