Clipboard Manager is a software application which includes characteristics or functionality to clipboard of an OS. A clipboard fundamentally copies the information from the host side, so that it can be attached everywhere in the computer even after ending that application. Now clipboard manager fundamentally stacks away information which is replicated to clipboard. It stacks away several clips and makes them available from the history whereas the basic clipboard usually removes the former clip when a new clip is included. So a clipboard manager permits user to retain several clips in the clipboard by raising it primary practicality like cut, copy and paste functions; looking for preserved information,stacking away clips in the long run.

Free Clipboard Manager For Windows

Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard

Spartan Lite Multi Clipboard is a poly functioning advanced clipboard for windows. It is a free application which can perform much more than merely copy and
paste. For instance, it can transmit emails, execute programs, preserve addresses, dial telephone numbers, to do lists and bookmark websites etc. It has capability to stack away 500 clips. It is simpler to look for clips or information in this clipboard manager as you can sort items by color or by position which can then be arranged. The download link for Spartan has been given below:
Spartan Lite

Clipboard Magic

Clipboard Magic is free clipboard software which stacks away all the replicated text once it starts executing in your computer. It lays in the system tray and you simply have to execute this application once, it will then automatically stack away the replicated text while you are operating ordinarily at your computer. This clipboard manager ameliorates your productiveness as it is installed with characteristics like text can be altered and included, text drag and drop, clip management and arranging, color coding, items can be back replicated to windows clipboard, stacks away limitless data, backs up multiple language. The download link has been given below:
Clipboard Magic

Free Clipboard Viewer

Free Clipboard Viewer is a free clipboard management software which just allows you see what things is presennt there on your clipboard at any instance and
that too in various formats. The download link has been given below:
Free Clipboard Viewer

M8 Free Multi Clipboard

M8 Free Multi Clipboard is a freeware clipboard management software which will perform simply greater than just copy and paste. It stacks away nearly anything you cut and paste from the host side once you fix it to execute in your os. It comes with several characteristics. For instance, it can preserve any kind of information like text, graphics, image etc; icon stays concealed in the taskbar; custom-made keyboard shortcuts; clip management is simpler with arranging. The download link has been mentioned below:
M8 Free Multi Clipboard

Pastebin Desktop

Pastebin Desktop is an online clipboard management software which permits you to stack away all the replicated text online, so that you can utilize
it from everywhere. This application is a free which performs copy and paste for you in social networking pattern. The download link has been given below:
Pastebin Desktop

Kana Clip

Kana Clip is a free, simple, portable and compact program. It performs through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Insert. It’s characteristics include contributing the present time and date dealing with the permanent clips, using permanent clips to include predetermined text and make sub menus to deal with text in a better manner, freshening up the clipboard, looking after process if cut off by some other program and concealing the system tray icon.
Kana Clip


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  1. Thanks for your offers.
    BUT I spent well over an hour on Thursday night trying to use
    the allegedly easy Clear Clipboard systems, despite them appearing to download and appear on my desktop.

    Then the VERY SIMPLE MAGIC FORMULA………………………


    Chris Holland


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