Digital home entertainment has reached a new height in a very short span of time. From smart phone to television, from AI Bluetooth speaker to Smart TV, home entertainment has come a long way. Amid all these high end gadgets, you also need a decent, efficient and flexible media streaming software that will enhance your streaming experience manifold times. 5KPlayer is one such media streaming application that comes with a plethora of features like audio video streaming, supports streaming videos from Android phone to PC and from PC to Smart TV, etc. 

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5KPlayer is a popular media player software application that works for Windows and Mac operating system. 5KPlayer is a perfect blend of a music player, an MKV high definition video player, DLNA player and AirPlay powered media streamer and online downloader, all under one app. The salient features of 5KPlayer are as follows:

  1. It can seamlessly play high definition videos including 4K/5K videos, DVD content.
  2. It can play MP3, AAC APE FLAC content without any hassle.
  3. Apart from the above mentioned media files, it enables you to download videos from mane media streaming websites.

5k player

Now the most important aspect that 5KPlayer has incorporated in it, is the DLNA feature. 5KPlayer integrates DLNA server, DLNA controller, DLNA rendered all in the application. Now before getting into the details, let me tell you about DLNA in short. DLNA is the acronym for Digital Living Network Alliance. It is a non-profit organization initiated by Sony years back. DLNA is a collection of standards that define how devices share media files, video, music with each other. DLNA currently has more than 200 members and about 9000 DLNA powered devices. The function of DLNA is to bridge the gap of communication between different devices. In other words, it creates a home cloud. You can watch a film from your Android smartphone on your TV or watch a film from your computer to your big screen smart television. For DLNA powered devices, this interaction becomes super flexible.

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Now coming to 5KPlayer, the software packs DLNA renderer, server, controller. It is indeed a complete package. The function of the DLNA controller is to stream media files wirelessly from your PC to any DLNA compatible devices like Smart TV, Xbox, PS4. The function of the renderer is to connect to beam from your Android device and play via DLNA server. The server mainly enhances the interoperability among different DLNA enabled devices. This DLNA player thus shares MKV AVC Webm 3GP VP8/9 AAC video music from Android to PC. Again it streams H.264/MP4 MP3 AAC media on PC to smart TV, PS 3/4, Xbox, etc. 5KPlayer will also render its humongous collection of music and video library to all DLNA devices for sharing and experiencing.

DLNA player review

So, you can perceive how huge this collaboration is. Apart from this, it includes AirPlay streaming which is for Mac OS X and hence beyond the scope of this site. 5KPlayer is a highly enriched media streaming DLNA player equipped with DLNA feature that lets you stream every media, every moment, anytime, any device.


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