Every day, millions of images are shared on different social media platforms. However, only a small percentage of these images can inspire people to stop scrolling and view them. Why would someone share something that will not attract their audience?

The truth is that most people do not know that the images they share on social media platforms are either not worth sharing, unappealing, or even of low quality. They just take photos with their cameras and then share them without any touch-ups.

Fortunately, this is something you can change if you are one of them. Technology advancement has given birth to hundreds if not thousands of tools you can use to improve images for use on social media. 

Some of them include;

Touch Up Tools

Touch-up tools are among the most effective tools you can use to improve your images for use on social media. You do not have to hire retouching services when you can use these online tools easily from the comfort of your home.

Using these tools, you can reduce fine lines and blemishes. You can also change skin tones, brighten your eyes, and whiten your teeth to ensure that your photos are attractive. You do not need to edit photos on your PC to use these tools. All you need is an internet connection since they are accessed online.

Other touch-up tools come with an automatic enhancer that can do all these things with a click of a button.

Art Tools

Photo art tools are used to transform images into art. Depending on your social media target audience and the message you are trying to convey, you can use these tools to transform your images into things like sketches, cartoons, watercolors, and paintings, among others.

As discussed above, you need to ensure that the images you share on social media can attract the attention of your audience. You do not need to be a graphic designer to improve your images for social media.

Using photo art tools, most of which are available online for free, you can create amazing masterpieces from your photos. You can even use different styles such as pop art, impressionist, and pointillism, among others. Befunky is one of the best platforms for this.

5 Useful Tools to Quickly Improve Images for Use On Social Media

Photo Background Remover

You might find yourself in a situation where you have taken an amazing photo that you want to share on social media. However, its background might be so poor to a point where you cannot share such a photo with your followers.

Should you forget about such a photo? Well, you should not. All you need to do is to look for a photo background remover tool to cut out the photo background. Using these tools, you can set the main subject of your images.

After setting the main subject, you can then erase or delete the photo’s background. You do not even have to stop there. You can add a different background to make the photo look even better. You can either use a transparent background or a solid color.

Watermark Tools

Watermark tools are very important for businesses or freelancers who share images of their work on social media. How many times have you come across an image on social media but do not know the source, even if you know the person sharing it?

In addition, have you ever taken a photo but were afraid of sharing it on social media because someone else could have taken credit for your work? Well, these problems are easily solved using watermark tools.

A watermark on an image acts as its signature. It shows the owner of the image and ensures that the image cannot be stolen. With millions of images shared on social media every day, you need to use these tools to protect your work.

Blur Tools

Have you ever found yourself with a beautiful image that you wanted to share on social media but did not due to a single part of the photo? Well, such a situation can be taken care of easily using photo blur tools.

Using these tools, you can choose some parts of your image that you want to remain in focus. These are the parts that you want your audience to pay attention to. The other parts that are not important can be faded away using blur tools.

However, always make sure that you have used the right blur intensity when blurring parts of your images. Too much intensity might make your images worse than they originally were. You can find free blur tools online.

Social media platforms are growing every day. We are having more users create accounts daily. If you want your images to stand out on social media, ensure that you have used some or all of the tools discussed in this article.


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