Stereo speakers are definitely priced possessions of our home, but before buying speakers there are several important factors to consider. The factors that you must never compensate are personal preference, speaker type, listening space, power, stereo components, sound quality, price and many more. Here, we shall navigate the different aspects and give you a brief idea on how to wisely choose stereo speakers. Even though, price is not a technological factor for choosing Speakers, but it is the ultimatum. We always have a budget for buying anything. Hence, price is always the ultimate factor. If we want to have high end speakers, then we have to spend accordingly. If our pocket is tight, we settle with compromises. Now let’s have a brief knowledge about the 5 most important factors to look for, before purchasing speakers.

I. Sound Quality based on User Preferences

A connoisseur of music deserves great speakers to have the best musical experience. A good knowledge of music is not always sufficient for buying speakers. A bit of technological apprehension is also necessary. The quality of sound is not an absolute parameter. It depends on the taste of the user. So, the best way to choose the sound quality is listening to the same music on different models from different companies. If you are purchasing the gadgets from the shop, then try out your favorite music on different speakers. The word favorite music is emphasized here, because we hear our favorite music, innumerable times and hence we gradually get intimately accustomed with each and every beat and tune. Whenever you listen to a new music with good beats, on a new new device, it always feels something new and this is where we get fooled. If the music that has been played a number of times to your ears, sounds new, then that quality of sound is what suits your ears. For better reference, click here.

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II. Rooms and Acoustics

Space is another important factor. A speaker that sounds amazing in a small room may will not sound so great in a big room. Again, speakers meant for big halls and auditoriums will be an over do for bedrooms. So selection of speakers based on the space where you are installing it is necessary. Big speakers deliver good intensity of sound, but also keep notice of the watt output. Sound is a play of Physics and hence sound effects differ with room dimensions, contents, and materials. Sound can reflect off of exposed walls, large furniture, and bare floors which have a smoother surface compared to  rugs, carpets, and cushions.  Vaulted ceilings recreate more open atmosphere. On the contrary, narrower spaces give intimate performance.

III. Types of Speakers

There are a wide variety of speakers from copious brands around the world. Here are some commonly used stereo speaker types-  on-wall/in-wall speakers,  in-ceiling, floor-standing, bookshelf, satellite, subwoofer, sound bar, and portable, wired and wireless, etc. There are many more types but the ones mentioned here are the most essential ones based on position, mounting and some other things. Wireless speaker is always a better option compared to wired speakers. You won’t need to manage the intangible clutter of wires. But wireless speakers are more expensive than the wired ones having same specifications. Positioning or installation is an important determining factor. On-wall type Speakers can be plugged easily and immediately by mounting the speakers on the wall. But in case of in-wall or in-ceiling, the speakers need special installations and fixtures. In-wall speakers come with grilles that can be painted to match the walls giving a camouflaged effect.

Floor standing and bookshelf speakers have the drivers and enclosures matched for performance. Hence the sound quality of these two types is usually great. One negative aspect of these models is that they consume space on a shelf or ground wherever you are placing them. It can be a bit inconvenient for users who lives in apartments with limited space.

The Satellite speakers are usually teamed up with sub-woofer and together creates close packed and compact sound effect. Portable speakers are great for outings, trips and cars. If you are mostly on the go, grab portable speakers. Soundbars can also enhance the audio of TVs without space consumed.
Speakers can be simple stereo pair type or multi-channel for surround sound.

IV. Compatibility with Other Components

Speakers should always be matched with an amplifier or receiver for the optimized power.
This matching is always better if done with products from same manufacturer. Compatibility is always great. That delivers the right amount of power. Manufacturers usually specify a range of amplifier power necessary to properly power each unit.
Finally the fine tuning is also required for better matching.

V. Optimization

Not only is purchasing high end speakers are enough! Proper positioning, installation keeping in mind all the above mentioned factors are necessary for a game-changing experience.  Some speakers sound best when they are mounted against a wall, while some not.  Tweeters and mid-range drivers tend to sound better when positioned at ear-level.

So, that’s a brief guideline that you must look upon before buying speakers.


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