As a Windows user, you have the upper hand in most cases when it comes to available software, and the trading industry is no exception.

In fact, many professional day traders and investors rely heavily on Windows computers to handle their day to day trading.

Because of this, we decided to list the 5 best trading software available to Windows users today. Just note that the following software aren’t exclusively for Windows devices, although many of them run better on Windows than other competitors OS.

trading software

1. MetaTrader 5 – Forex and CFD Trading

The MetaTrader 5 is one of the leading forex and CFD trading platforms on the market, and it is 100% compatible with Windows PC devices. The platform offers everything you could wish for from top-notch analytic tools, swift execution, market updates, robots, and more.

To get access to the MetaTrader 5 you first need to open an account with a forex broker that has the MT5 integrated. Luckily, many of the leading brokers support MT5 these days so that is not an issue.

If you’re using a Windows smartphone, you can opt for MT5’s sister platform the MetaTrader 4 which is mostly for forex trading but fully compatible on Windows mobile OS.

2. TradingView – A Great All-around Platform

TradingView is another state of the art platform that’s commonly used by many professionals. Unlike the MetaTrader 5, TradingView can be used to trade more assets such as stock, commodities, and more. In other words, TradingView is a more comprehensive platform that can be used for many types of trading.

Obviously, TradingView is also compatible with Windows, making it one of the best trading tools for Windows.

3. eToro – The Best Social Trading Network

eToro is a leading forex and CFD broker that has developed a unique copy trading platform as well as the leading social trading network in the world.

This means that trading with eToro is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. However, the reason we’ve included eToro’s platform on this list is because of how well-developed the platform and all of its features are.

Honestly, if you haven’t heard of eToro before, we suggest you check them out.

4.  E-Trade – State of the Art Stock Trading

E-Trade is considered to be one of the leading stockbrokers in the world, and their software is loved by many. Trading with E-Trade on a Windows PC is smoother than you could ever dream of and we really believe that it should be a part of every serious trader’s toolbox.

5.  eSignal – Established Trading Software

eSignal is one of the most exciting Windows trading platforms in the industry. Unfortunately, it’s not really as popular as some of the above-mentioned platforms, but that has more to do with marketing and reach than the platform itself.

eSignal is completely Windows based and not available on other OS. And as a trader, you can program your own indicators and automatic trading features using JavaScript and in turn create a personal trading experience.



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