Chinese manufacturer Chuwi is always on a positive spree when it comes to launching Windows laptops. Almost after every few months, Chuwi comes up with a new device. About 6 months ago, Chuwi launched its SurBook laptop. The SurBook, as the name suggests has a lot of technical similarities with the Surface Pro 4. It’s no wonder that the company will introduce a few devices that had similarities to that of the MacBook Air and also the Surface 3. Despite producing high end devices, Chuwi has failed to become a strong contender of these tech Giants. But it seems that Chuwi is no more going to settle down.

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The firm has revamped its plan to enter as a bug competitor. Hence the company is now introducing a powerful computer. CoreBook tablet, the latest device in Chuwi’s lineup, has a plethora of interesting specifications. Chuwi Corebook offers an extremely svelte design that complements its design as a tablet. Apart from this, Corebook will also sport a keyboard cover. This will ameliorate the productivity gain. It will be powered by an Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor, which is bolster the update from the previous Intel Apollo Lake N3450 processor. Now coming to storage, CoreBook will have 6GB RAM and 128GB of on board storage. The tablet will have a 13.3-inches of display with a resolution of 1080p. Since it is a tablet, it will include support for touch and comes with stylus input that can accept up to 1024 levels of pressure.

There is more to this. Corebook features a fingerprint reader built into the display, for enhanced security and convenience. The device is expected to roll out by November.


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