We’re really lucky to live in the age of information when accessing any data on any subject is only a matter of a few clicks. It’s even more relevant now when most of the students around the world study from their homes. All due to the lockdowns caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

But with all the numerous sites, platforms and services there are, sometimes it’s hard to find really useful ones. Or maybe you didn’t even know such services existed? For example, students often need help with paper writer service. But they don’t know professional college essay services exist and are glad to help. That’s why we made a list of 10 helpful websites that would make you study better and more productive


The name speaks for itself, right? Lifehacker is dedicated to posting, well, lifehacks. It could help you with anything, from solving problems to fixing leaks in the bathroom. Just like the head title says, “do everything better”.

It covers the most relevant topics at the moment, but also has thousands of articles about anything you could imagine. They’re well written and have step-by-step guides on how to achieve what one needs. Additionally, sometimes the articles are about current matters, explaining or researching certain topics to provide you with a deeper understanding of the subject.


Still joking and bragging about your 3-4 hour sleep routine? Can’t get into a normal sleep and wake up cycle? Sleepytime is here to help. The site can calculate 3 things to help you understand how much you need to rest:

  • “I have to wake up at…” can tell you approximately when to go to bed to have a good healthy sleep
  • “If you go to bed NOW, you should wake up at…” Well, it speaks for itself
  • “I plan to fall asleep” calculates the best periods of time to wake up

Of course, it can’t force anyone to follow what it says. But it could surely help you adjust the schedule to both have a good rest and still do everything in time.


The ultimate calculator is here. MathWay can solve any mathematical problem. But, what makes it special, is that it not only solves what you need but also provides a complete description of everything. It means, it’s possible to follow the steps and learn from them, or maybe find where the mistake was made.

Moreover, it can even solve chemical problems in the same fashion. And for those who want to use it in the classroom, there’s a phone application available. Just use it wisely, cheating on exams won’t help you study or gain knowledge.


You’ve probably heard something about TED conferences at least once. TED is dedicated to educating everyone for free, in the form of short videos on different subjects. They’re really easy to understand and interesting to watch, while still being good at delivering information. Also, for the ones who want to go deeper into a certain topic, they have TED Talks, where professionals from different spheres share their experience and knowledge.


Getting Smart is somewhat similar to LifeHacker. Though, it’s aimed more at students, with thousands of articles and researches available. They cover most, if not all, concepts and subjects one may encounter in school or college. The team also offers help for the projects led by small companies and student groups.


Quizlet is a multifunctional site and an application that could greatly improve your academic performance and reveal its weak points. It uses a unique system of different techniques to test and teach students. It’s possible to utilize the Learn, Match, Test, Write, and Flashcards features. All of them ensure that you’re receiving and memorizing knowledge in the most efficient way.

Also, flashcards need to be mentioned separately, as they are sort of a signature feature of Quizlet. With the active recall technique they use, it’s not something new, but a well-forgotten old trick that improves the performance of one’s memory.


Of course, some students feel overwhelmed with all the chores and workloads they’re given. But for those who strive to learn even more, Coursera is the perfect platform. It hosts hundreds of thousands of free online courses. From basic skills and knowledge to advanced qualifications. As said, the courses themselves are available free of charge, but it’s also possible to receive a degree certificate for a certain price.


Grammarly is more of an application or a widget than a site, but it’s a must-have for any student, so we included it in the list too. Basically, what it does is make sure that the text you’re writing is grammatically and syntax-wise correct. It analyzes the text in real-time and suggests corrections or better word choices. You certainly would want to have Grammarly while dealing with all the essays and assignments.


Most people memorize the data better in a visual way, that’s a fact. But while most of the sites provide information in a text format, GoConqr is dedicated to representing subjects and concepts visually. A great addition to that is a huge community of student users, who can make their own creations and share them with each other.


Let’s be honest. We don’t like visiting different sites one by one to read all the news and articles we find interesting. And then we spend even more time comprehending the subject. Especially if the text is composed in a weird way or is aimed at people with deep professional knowledge.

This website removes these inconveniences, by allowing you to subscribe to their newsletter. But, while it may sound familiar, I assure you it’s not. TheSkimm offers you only the best and the most relevant information available. It’s kind of a perfect morning newsletter, but with the professional breakdown of what you really need to know.

To Sum Up

Of course, it’s only a small pick of the sites that could help one in studying. We made sure to state the most relevant and helpful ones. But don’t limit yourself to these, as there are countless other resources to help you. Have fun studying and use the benefits of our era to their fullest to increase your performance.



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