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Love and loneliness can take a person to a desperate level. This is clear from the alarming rate of increase of scams in dating sites. Online dating sites are now Read more »

Microsoft has announced that they are selling a special edition of Samsung Galaxy S8, the latest Android phone in the market. The special edition is the Microsoft Edition of Samsung Read more »

At the Pwn2Own event that took place this year, it was revealed that Microsoft’s Edge browser severely lacks security integrity. Microsoft Edge was found to be the most exploited and Read more »

Bill Gates

Robot and automation are the two new cutting edge technologies that are slowly taking over our lives. Robotics and robot technology have excelled such in such a way that from Read more »

Gmail is a vast emailing experience and hence the mail client is rich in features. Gmail has incorporated a plethora of features to classify and manage your emails. There are Read more »

The CES 2017 has started and like every year tech giants gather at one stop to showcase some of their exquisite products. Like Hp has recently announced its high end Read more »

What every Browser knows about you?

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What every browser knows about you is actually the name of a web browser which tells us the information that has been collected from us by the web browser. We Read more »

Chinese companies are known for their copious Windows 10 devices that can beat any company any time. Such a company is Chuwi. In the past couple of months the Chinese Read more »

Yesterday has been a great day for Microsoft as it unveiled the new Surface Studio All-in-One PC along with a number of interesting tools and peripheral devices. To be honest, Read more »


Microsoft has ameliorated the Skype application for Linux Alpha 1.3 after accumulating and analyzing feedback data from users. Along with the update the Redmond tech giant has posted in their Read more »