The leaked build of Windows Phone 8.1 has showcased pools of features in the device. Each and every time we get to know exciting features we keep on updating you. Windows Phone 8.1 will be including the facility to mute conversation as the leaked build says.

Windows Phone 8.1 to feature Muted Conversation

If you are too much bothered by continuous text messages from a friend or from service providers and we can’t even block those contacts Windows Phone 8.1 will save us with its mute conversation feature. This feature essentially mutes all notifications of messages from that particular sender and you can retrieve the messages anytime. Since mute is not same as blocking hence you wont miss any message and neither will it appear disappointing.

Mute conversation does not block any text but only the messages do not get notified and displayed in the Live Tile. can be undone easily and this would be an in built feature of the Operating system.


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