Intel unveiled the core design details of the Alder Lake CPU architecture, and stated firmly that the design has been made to best match with Windows 11.  Also, Windows 11 is optimized so that users get the best experience while using their Alder Lake’s performance hybrid architecture. Alder Lake PC inculcates the new Thread Director technology, that enables smooth task scheduling architecture in Windows 11. To test if all these claims are true, Phoronix performed several benchmark tests on the recently launched Core i9-12900K. This is one among the few Alder Lake-S flagship devices.

The testbed comprises of

  • Core i9-12900K
  • 64GB Corsair DDR5-4400
  • Windows 11 Pro Build 22000

12900K proved to be the best team mate for Windows 11, beating Linux in the race. A total of 104 tests were conducted out of which, the most promising and important results are given below:

Check out some browser and web application benchmarks using Selenium:

Reports of AV1 decoding and encoding tests respectively

Reports On performances in a decompression test and a large data visualization test

Geometric Mean of All test results:

Reference images: Phoronix


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