Embracing new technology can be a pain, but sometimes it’s a necessary one. According to recent surveys, over 95% of IT professionals within businesses have made use of cloud integration to make the business function better. This means that if your company has yet to adapt to cloud technology, that you’re likely far behind your competitors.

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Yes, Cloud Integration Can Be Tough at First

Let’s face it, if you’ve been operating off of traditional tower systems for the past 10 years, then the last thing that you want to do is perform a full cloud integration. It’s very easy to just stick with what works and stay away from doing anything new and confusing.

While some people do choose to bury their heads in the sand, it never works out for them in the end. It’s kind of like being the last automotive manufacturer to not include A/C in their vehicles. That model undoubtedly crashed and burned.

You want your business to be at the forefront of the technological world, especially in today’s world where e-commerce and digital networking is such a large part of business.

Outsource the Integration

While some companies may be tempted to do everything in-house, the easiest way to perform a full cloud integration is to outsource it. Basically, you’ll hire a team of IT pros who come into your business and spend the better part of a weekend updating all of your systems, and integrating your new cloud service into your existing business model.

It’s a little bit expensive, but it will ensure that everything is done right the first time.

Advantages of Using a Cloud System

Once you’ve performed your cloud integration, your life will get a lot easier and your IT guys will be a lot happier. There may be a short learning curve while your employees get used to new procedures, but by the end of the month, everything will be running smoother than ever.

Increased Storage

One of the biggest benefits of cloud integration is the increased storage. Since all of your data doesn’t rely on adding yet another hard drive to an already taxed system, you can collect data like never before. You can then store it safely in the cloud.

Better Security

Most cloud networks will have better security than you could ever hope to have in-house. These cloud networks are managed by large teams of cybersecurity professionals who work around the clock to prevent security breaches and keep all of your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Increased Flexibility

The greatest feature of cloud technology is that you can access information from anywhere in the world. This allows you and your employees to work remotely from anywhere in the world. If computers get corrupted, stolen, or destroyed, all of the information will be backed up on the cloud where it can be downloaded onto a brand new device in a matter of minutes.

Don’t Fall Behind

Cloud integration can seem like a pain, and you may be questioning whether the expense is worth it or not. We can assure you that it absolutely is. You don’t want to be one of the last companies to still be stuck using hard storage. In the end, it will cost you far more than the cloud integration.


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