Computers are no longer a tool that can type, calculate and do few other basic functions. It has become an inseparable and integral part of our life. We keep a record of almost every important information about our lives. These include important files like bio data, bank statements, flight tickets, booking information, some extremely important data like project works, thesis, programming, codes to some personal images, videos, songs and videos. As the computer is burdened with valuable information, we need more protection for preserving our data safely. The first and most basic form of protection is a login password. If you are using a Windows 10 computer, then you must be knowing that Windows 10 requires a password, preferably your Microsoft Account password or a local password in case of a local account.

The biggest problem with password is that it is forgotten quite easily. When you forget our Windows password, it imposes a big restriction and stops your access to the computer until the right password is being entered. As a result, all data information that is stored in your computer is locked and the user is denied any access to them. The basic process that we all know, is to reset windows password by re-installation of the operating system. This step will readily solve the issue, but a major drawback of this process is data loss. All your important data, in the local drive will be wiped off and there is no way to get them back. Hence, formatting and re-installation will be the option only when your computer has no important data. But if you have a humongous amount of information stored in your computer, then you can try third party password recovery apps.

Here, we have tested and reviewed the TunesBro WinGeeker software which can readily recover your forgotten password. The TunesBro WinGeeker is an extremely helpful software that can recover lost, forgotten login passwords quite easily. There are two ways by which TunesBro allows users to prepare for password recovery.

1) You can create a Bootable Reset Disk with CD/DVD. All you need is a new DVD which will be burned by the software for creation.

2) The second method is to create a Bootable Reset Disk with USB Drive. In this case, you need a thoroughly formatted USB Flash Drive.

Steps To Install TunesBro WinGeeker Software for resetting Windows Password

1. First download the TunesBro WinGeeker software. There is a trial version. Before purchasing the original version, you can try the trial version. When the .exe file is downloaded, run the file.

Load DVD Movies

2. The software is extremely simple and won’t compel you to perform several steps. The installation completes in a jiffy. Click Finish to complete. The application is launched automatically.

select user

3. You can either insert a new DVD or a clean formatted USB Flash Drive.After creation of the ISO file, insert it to your affected computer. Next, you can choose the operating system installed in your computer and then the account whose password you want to remove. Simply click on Reset password and then Reboot to remove your Windows 10 login password.

select user

Now let us discuss the pros and cons.


1. You can create a Windows password reset disk from any USB flash drive as TunesBro supports a huge range of USB drives up to 60 USB models and brands.
2. The software has a user friendly interface and performs recovery process fast and smooth.
3. The trial version enables you to check the software before investing in the software.
4. This software works not only for Windows 10, but also for Windows 7, 8.1 , vista etc.
5. You can also recover your password by connecting any iDevice with your Windows 10 computer, deep scan and then run the recovery process.


There is no such negative aspect that we can talk about.

You can try the software. The password is removed without much hassle.


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