Solar lighting systems are used to provide illumination and security needed when grid power is attainable or costly in a location. These sun-powered lighting systems are great alternatives for grid power to promote sustainability. Companies who are in constant search of LEED points prefer to use solar lighting systems.

The solar lighting technology is an excellent and affordable substitute for projects that are trying to apply zero to low costs in installation. 

Solar lighting systems vary. They include small LED fixtures that have batteries and integrated panel and can run along your driveway at home. Solar lighting technology also includes flood and street lights that can illuminate a wide area. 

Regardless of what the constraints are, solar lighting technology is an excellent solution for sustainable electricity. Here are some reasons why you should start using this type of lighting system:

A Green Substitute

Compared to traditional lighting, solar lighting systems are a good option for green electricity, since they do not use grid power at all. Solar lighting technology fully uses solar energy as a source of electricity, making it one of the leading renewable lighting technologies.

The batteries where solar energy is stored during the day are recyclable. Thus, solar LED fixtures can light up a place with the use of the stored power. The same process happens the next day without the need for an external source of energy.

Consumes Low Installation Costs

When it comes to installing solar lighting systems to a particular location, very low costs are incurred. This means that they are sometimes much more economical than putting up grid power in an area.

Just like the standard grid-powered light, solar lights still need poles, usually with much larger footers. However, unlike grid lights, sun-powered lights do not need an underground conduit that connects the poles to the main source of power.

The wires needed in solar lighting systems are found at the top of the pole, or on a nearby pole as they are necessary for more installations. Only low voltage power is produced in solar lighting technology. It gives an assurance that safety is a priority when it comes to maintenance and installation. 

When using a solar lighting system, there is no need to worry about underground utilities, root systems, or other barriers as they are not an issue anymore.

Does Not Require Maintenance

Solar lighting systems are practically maintenance-free, especially since LED lights usually have a lifespan of around 20 years. When installed correctly, the maintenance for batteries of commercial solar lighting systems can be five to seven years. 

Battery change, cleaning the components of the fixture, and checking the glass and the parts of the lighting system are necessary. But these are not required to be done immediately. Most of the components of solar lighting systems last for more than 20 to 30 years and are maintenance-free.

Helps You Save Money from Energy Bills

When you are using a solar lighting system, it means that you will be paying zero electrical power bills. 

Commercial solar lighting technology has upfront costs, which might be intimidating for you. But when you compare the savings, you will incur without paying energy bills. You’ll figure out that investing in solar lighting technology is worth the price. 

Has Distinct Features

Solar lighting systems have distinct features, which make them more remarkable to people. Modern solar street lights have built-in lithium-ion batteries, night and motion sensors, and a battery management system. They also have automatic controls and embedded solar panels.

Solar street lights are resistant to harsh weather conditions and water. These lighting systems have low glare and low insect attraction rate. Solar lights are durable and can last for a long time.

Does Not Require Complicated Power Facilities

Commercial power lighting projects have complicated procedures that involve a lot of tedious steps. It is essential to have a good foundation work for the cables that will be placed underground. Threading and pipe laying are necessary to keep the cables in place. The pieces of equipment used in commercial power lighting projects, such as transformers and distribution cabinets, are expensive. 

But if you shift to solar lighting, all the tedious work will be gone. Each lighting system is considered independent. So, there is no need to deal with electric equipment. 


Solar lighting technology should be adopted by companies and homes, as this system brings many benefits. As you use solar lighting systems, you minimize the need to delve into thorough work. Aside from that, you also lessen your energy and maintenance costs if you opt for solar energy than grid power. 

Solar lighting systems vary. You may opt to use LED light fixtures, or go for street lights. If you purchase fixtures with high illumination, all in one solar street lights are an ideal option.


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