What’s New with VMware vSphere 7? Read About It Here

Recently, a latest update was announced for the Vmware virtual platform and the new update features a number of functionalities and technicalities. These new features have well aided the performance of Vsphere 7 and the newly upgraded Vsphere with Tanzu. The updated functionalities might as well not be needed, however, it has made it the best VSphere till this moment. 

Particularly, Vsphere with Tanzu supports Integrated Load Balancing, Kubernetes 1.19, Private container registry, as well as confidential containers, including a number of other features. 

Integrated Load balancing

The Integrated Load balancing, updated in VSphere with Tanzu, comes with an advanced load balancer, the NSX advanced load balancer. Vsphere with Tanzu easily licenses use without the demandings of HAProxy. In essence, the Tanzu environment implements an open source load balancer, even for HAProxy. Furthermore, this new update is simple to use and highly available and it works through Network Service and does not require NSX-T. 

Kubernetes Upgrade

According to their commitment to keep customers up to date with their constant Kubernetes releases and as a result, they have moved on to Kubernetes 1.19. This upgrade supports the Tanzu Kubernetes grid, which allows for easy, provisioning, operating and Kubernetes cluster management. Supporting Supervisor cluster, you can easily manage numerous containers on both private and public clouds. Inclusively with this upgrade, you will not be left out of the latest Kubernetes-supported features. 

With the Private Container support, you can efficiently pick through containers registries. Furthermore, it easily allows for trust and flexibility when you use registries that are not inherently deployed from Tanzu. Confidential containers then protect your containers, to the point of providing accurate and pious security protections, hardware-level security protection to be precise. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

On the part of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the update with Tanzu supports other features, including the most modern NVIDIA  Ampere GPUs. And also supports multi-instance GPU, which, by far, makes it simple and perhaps accurate to share GPUs among workloads. In essence, Multi-instance GPU mode, known as MIG, can run seven jobs at a time in the NVIDIA Ampere architecture, on any A100 GPU. Also, the vSphere Bitfusion 3.0 makes operations on the environment simple and enhanced. 

vSphere Lifecycle Manager

One new upgrade to this is the Desired Image Seeding which allows for an image to be extracted from its existing host, and it actually will make air gaps easier, and cluster creation faster. The NSX-T support will ensure here that all vSphere with Tanzu deployment models, will be easy to maintain and navigate. With the lifecycle manager, it will be easy for you to rapidly deploy and automate numerous deployments and even move cluster lifecycle without any need to remediate later on. Furthermore, it is now easy to deploy scripted documents, especially with the upgraded deployment tools. 

Another interesting upgrade to the Lifecycle Manager is the ESXi upgrade that suspends VM to memory. While you decided to restart the ESXi hypervisor kernel, there is a new option that will allow you to suspend VM’s to memory. 

VMotion Auto Scaling

The upgrade has tuned with the modern requirements of networks, where VMotions will be faster on modern networks and as well handle real-time workloads. This improves efficiency and also supports workloads, although based on the amount of available bandwidth. 

In conclusion, while performance has been improved, renewed and strengthened security accompanies the upgrade. There is a native key provider for the environment, and you do not even need to worry about ESXi encryption as it is enabled automatically. There are a lot of backup solutions out there for you, but it is far more important that you pick the best and perhaps most suitable. To get started, our backup solution can protect your vSphere further and you can read about this here. With this solution, your data is protected and in any case where file loss might occur, you can easily retrieve. 


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