What every browser knows about you is actually the name of a web browser which tells us the information that has been collected from us by the web browser. We know already that websites collect information and data from us implicitly or explicitly. In this passing of information, the web browsers take active role. The information collected helps in providing a better browsing experience like suggesting search results based on your search history, provides quick results etc. On the other hand the information is often used by advertisers and telecallers. So it’s not that unpopular badly designed websites leak information but Chrome also does. So how to figure out which information of yours is being propagated from your machine?

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What every browser know about you is the solution for you. It shows you the personal information stored by your browser. This information can be accessed by websites without your permission. It also tells you what you can do about the information being freely available to websites.

What every Browser knows about you?

1. First visit What every Browser knows about you and start scrolling.

2. The web browser you are using knows some basic information like your exact location mapped down to longitude and latitude, operating system, some of the hardware specifications and your local and public IP. The information is categorized and each section has preventive measures you can take to keep integrity in the information and bypass the risks.

3. One of the solutions suggested by the web app is using private browser. This is not convenient for many users. There are some data which is not harming the integrity of your system like operating system but there are some other information like hardware specs IP which can be deployed to cause harm.

All browsers do not save the same type and amount of information and it varies. So you can compare different browsers and check which browser is storing more information.


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