FPS stands for Frames per second, and this factor plays a pivotal role in gaming. In gaming, the frames need to change at a higher rate so that the graphics is par excellence. Thus, the higher the FPS, the better the gaming experience. A high FPS demands for a high quality hardware. The hardware should be utilized fully by the game you are playing. A good hardware with a high FPS specification may also encounter lag sometimes. If you are feeling that your device FPS is not performing as expected, then you can use FPS counter software applications for Windows 11. For Windows 11, there is no dearth of FPS counter applications. In this article, I shall jot down 5 best FPS counter software for Windows 11.

#1 Windows Game Bar

Windows 11 has an in-built FPS counter that can be found in the Windows Game Bar app. There is no need for any installation of FOS counter. All you need to do is pin the FPS counter on your desktop. To enable the FPS counter, first launch the game. Next, press Win+G to turn on the game bar. Next, Enable the Performance Widget, and select the FPS tab, Now, pin the icon to display it on your screen live.

#2 GeForce Experience App

If your device has an NVIDIA GPU, then you have to install GeForce Experience application. Once you install the app, you can turn on the in-game overlay. The in-game overlay displays the FPS during the game time. First, download GeForce Experience from Nvidia. Click on the cogwheel button at the top right corner of the screen and click on the General tab. Next, enable the Game overlay. Go to the Settings menu, click on HUD Layout and navigate to the FPS Counter tab. Choose the position on the screen where you want toe FPS to display. Launch a game and tap Alt+Z.

#3  MSI Afterburner

MSIAfterburner is a tool which enables users to overclock their GPU. The application has multi-faceted features, which can perform a plethora of functions on your device. You can also undervault your GPU. First, download and install MSI Afterburner. Go to App’s settings. Choose the Monitoring tab, select Frame rate and enable it. Next, enable the option “Show in On-screen display”.

MSI Afterburner is a tool popular with users who like to overclock or undervault their GPU. It is a feature-rich tool capable of monitoring your system and you can use it to enable an FPS counter on Windows. You are done.

#4 Steam FPS Counter

A Steam game comes with an in-game overlay capable of displaying the Steam FPS Counter.

We can enable it by going to Steam, then select Settings and then the In-game tab. Open the In-game FPS counter dropdown and choose the corner of the screen you want it to show up. Open the game and press the Shift + Tab keyboard shortcut for enabling it.


Windows users had needed a solution for monitoring the FPS in game. Since the Windows game bar FPS monitor is a recent thing, they have depended on Fraps.

Fraps hasn’t had an update in a long time but it works on the OS without any problem helping in monitoring FPS of a game in Windows even though the product page does not advertise Windows.

To monitor FPS using Fraps: first, run Fraps. Then visit the app’s settings, choose the FPS tab there and enable the FPS box below benchmarking. Choose the corner of the screen you wish the FPS to appear at and set a toggle for it to appear/disappear. Now run the game and press the toggle and it would be seen that the FPS will appear in your chosen corner.


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