Warning: Do Not Install The Windows 11 Test Build Available On The Internet
Source: Twitter @tomwarren

Microsoft is soon unveiling the upcoming Windows version, and it will be named Windows 11. The day is knocking at the door, and until then, we can be patient. If you are constantly checking the news on the recent Windows 11 news, then you have probably come across a new Windows 11 leaked build, Windows 11 test builds which are making rounds on the internet. If you are planning to install and give it a try, then here is a big red Warning for you; Please DONT!

The main reason is that, the leaked Builds have not been released by any of Microsoft’s official channels. And as for the Test Builds, they may land you in serious security issues. Most of the test builds come with bugs, instability and security loopholes. So, if you are not a very expert in determining the plausible threats, then it is better to refrain from installing test builds. Besides, Windows 11 is still not official, or Beta. So, there is a huge possibility, that the Builds getting viral on the internet can be risky to download and use.

Microsoft has announced that they would be introducing the next generation of Windows to it users. Since, it is a big announcement, news is speculating that, it is probably Windows 11. It has been 6 years since Windows 10 release. So, there is a good chance that the next generation is Windows 11. However, none of this has been confirmed by Microsoft. Test builds, leaked builds, unstable builds are hackers’ paradise. It can extract all your confidential data, passwords, credit card details and what not.

Let’s be patient and keep out of the viral Windows 11 test builds.


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