As a business proprietor, you want to ensure that your clients have the best in terms of service delivery, product delivery, and customer service. Needless to mention is the fact that you also want to ensure that you’re sourcing for new clients and business partners. Now, this is where you need to put a lot of work. In business, marketing ends when you’re old and retired. Actually, it just never ends. You’ll want to leave your business running even past your retirement age. To cut it short, among the things that will help inspire more clients and partners to join your venture include your marketing strategies and business presentations. 

Ideally, presentations are a prerogative in your profession, something that’ll need to be done for your business to thrive. This means pitching new ideas to clients and partners who are interested to join you. In addition to this, you’ll also need to ensure that your employees are equipped with presentation skills that will wow prospecting clients. 

Without further ado, below are unique and creative presentation ideas for professionals. 

1. Tell Your Story

Before you get to a presentation, you want to ensure that your clients or prospective business partners know your side of the story. Sourcing for new clients and investors is no easy thing. They may want to know how you started out and what your future business plans are. But before they do this, break the ice with a brief history of your company. Michael Smith, a business consultant from says that presentations are your opportunity to tell your business story, preferably from your inception to where you’re at. This, while leaving out the nitty-gritty that doesn’t add up. Most importantly, your future business partners and investors will want to know if they can trust your business operations and in addition to this, you’ll have to pitch ideas that are more future-oriented. But before you approach your audience, you’ll need to focus on the following pointers:

  • Plan your story
  • Know your audience
  • Make sure that your story has a structure
  • Say it like you mean it
  • Connect with your audience at an emotional level

2. Get Creative

If you paid attention to the header, it clearly tells you that you need to get creative when presenting your ideas. How do you do that? You might ask. Well, it all depends on what you’re presenting. If you’re just pitching an idea, then you’ll want to ensure that your audience has a basic understanding of how the idea will work. In addition to this, you may be presenting a report. Here, you’ll need to be visual, showing charts, videos, or slides. Visually appealing free PowerPoint templates are a great tool for making creative and engaging presentations. If you cannot put in the work to be creative in persuading your audience, then your efforts in putting up a show will be in vain.

3. Immerse Your Audience Into Your Ideas

Guys, don’t get it twisted. The fact that you’re presenting your ideas doesn’t mean you must be all that serious about it. For starters, get your audience involved. This will work well if you have members of your staff helping you in dishing out templates or other helpful materials. For instance, if you’re pitching a plan on introducing a certain gadget, you’ll want to show your audience how the device works. This will not only be fun but also educational. And mind you, this is exactly what your partners and investors want!

4. Ask Questions When Need Be!

To get to know your audience and their expectations, you can prepare a few questionnaires that are in line with your presentation. This will make it easier when customizing your presentation based on the responses you get. Spread your questions throughout your presentation rather than having a questionnaire session. This way, you can always shift your presentation based on what your audience says. 

5. Utilize Props

Video presentations are slowly becoming impassive and most audiences will see them as unimpressionable. While it can still be helpful to include some forms of visual aids, you can invest in some props, especially when dealing with influential and prominent persons. These will help to get your point across in a clearer tone.

Presentations are never easy, especially when you want to remain professional throughout your presentation. Engaging your audience will help to ensure that your audience is never bored or fatigued. The above pointers will provide you with helpful insights on how you can successfully pass your message in a professional tone. 


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