With the revolution of the computer, documents are often being used for official or personal purposes. One of the most used formats is PDF (Portable Document Viewer). Though there are other file formats, like .djvu, .epub etc. Not all the software are compatible with all file formats, each has their own limitation and features. Windows 8 comes with a built in PDF viewer. But if you have already used that app, you know that it can only open a PDF document. Advanced features like editing a PDF file, other document to PDF conversion, locking, highlighting, adding comments, book or magazine view etc. are missing there. You can find here some Top PDF Reader, Editor and converter for Windows 8 and 7

Adobe Reader

No doubt Adobe Reader is in the top of the list. Many computer user knows only Adobe reader’s name as only PDF reader. Though, this freeware cannot create .pdf file or cannot convert .doc,.docx or other documents to .pdf, but the commercial version, Adobe Acrobat Reader has the capability to create or edit .pdf files with more advanced features. You can add comment in any line of the PDF document; even highlight selected lines with yellow ink. Adobe reader is well equipped with signature facility to sign a document or lock the document with password.

Foxit Reader

The most famous PDF reader application next to Adobe reader is Foxit reader. Though it provides most of the standard features like Adobe reader, but it has its own charm. Unlike other PDF document readers, it resumes reading a document where you left it last time. If you accidentally close a file and want to resume, then this is awesome. You can also snap a portion of page, or can use the text version of the document page.

Nitro PDF Viewer

Nitro PDF viewer is one of the best priced PDF viewers and is well known for its editing features. You can do any pdf related operations in Nitro PDF superbly. As a document reader application, it supports annotating, redacting, signing, locking a pdf file like all other standard document reader applications. It is a ultimate document manipulation tool with nearly all the exciting features a tool can contain from reusing tools to controlling to controlling tools. Using this tool you can also print a .pdf file or can save a printing document of any format (.html, .doc, .docx etc.) as a .pdf file. So this software can also be used as a .pdf converter.

Sumatra PDF

This ultra-lightweight software is certainly a great thing to use. Though it lacks in many luxury features like highlighting an area and digital signature, but there is one thing for which you will love this; it support all well-known document formats like DjVu, CBZ and CBR, PDF and XPS. Where Adobe reader fails to open a djvu files, it can open that easily. When you re-open a document page, rotation, zoom, window size etc. are automatically adjusted from the last time that document was opened. This feature makes Sumatra PDF a good e-book reader. This software comes in two versions, a portable one and another one with the installer file. The portable one is useful if you want to use it anywhere else.

PDF-Exchange Viewer

This is also another sleek design free PDF Viewer, yet packed with most standard features. Like other document Viewers, it gives you chance to annotate a file, snap an area etc. The priced version of it includes features like inserting, extracting or delete pages from the current document. The reader is free of cost. It also comes in a portable version.


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  1. Nitro PDF is all in one. You can create or convert other documents to pdf using it.

  2. One of the issues i have is saving a document as a PDF. There is one site i use which does not give me PDF docs when i want to save I recently went to subscribe to Adobe but found they do not permit subscription in Thailand which is where i am currently working. Very annoying so i will look for another solution. Thanks for the list and I hope i can find a solution.

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