Our professional and personal lives rely heavily on technology. You use an electronic toothbrush to brush your teeth in the morning, and then you go to work, where you use project management software to keep track of work assignments. We use so many technological solutions and devices that we don’t even realize how much our lives seem to depend on them! Here are 5 technologies that make life and work easier.

Artificial Intelligence

As AI is advancing, it can do a better job at helping individuals with all kinds of issues. A great example of that is the legal field. People often can’t afford a lawyer for routine proceedings, so they turn to self-help websites that can deliver tailored legal advice. Lawyers, on the other hand, can purchase AI contract review software to help them analyze cases and present solutions.

Project management software

Project management tools help workers in all fields keep track of their projects. Whether you’re a lawyer or a copywriter, you will come across project management software. It gives you an overview of all of your projects and helps you keep track of deliverables. With the projects laid out in front of you, you can set reminders for yourself and assign tasks to people on your team. Add deadlines to deliverables and stay on top of everything at work!

Communication platforms

Many young adults from Generation Z cannot even imagine life without smartphones, smart watches, laptops, and tablets. People of all ages have adapted to fast communication using technology. Communication is no longer reduced to phone calls. You can send and receive emails, messages, and DMs on social media platforms. You might even communicate with your friends through mentions and posts. You can connect with any person in the world in seconds! Technology has enabled fast and efficient communication at work and outside of it.

Smart Home systems

Gone are the days of manually turning down the thermostat and getting out of the car to open the garage door. With Smart Home systems, you can do it all from your phone. What’s even better, you can give your voice assistant voice commands to do certain things around the house. Alexa can turn on the coffee machine, dim the lights, turn the fan on, and call you an Uber. Technology can do everything around the house, short of walking your dog and putting the kids to sleep.


Technology has made shopping more accessible to all internet users. There are no limitations to what can be bought and sold online. With globalization, everyone became exposed to products and services from all over the world. Now, you can buy clothes, household appliances, furniture, and anything in between from the comfort of your couch. Delivery services can bring groceries to your doorstep and ship an item from across the world in 5 business days. That is convenient because you don’t need to spend time getting to a physical store and searching for the item you need. Instead, you can type it into Google and browse through hundreds of matches that were generated in seconds.

Technology as an ally

When we say technology simplifies our lives, we often mean it saves us precious time. By automating mundane tasks, technology gives us an opportunity to spend more time with family and friends or focus on important projects. You can cross activities that don’t provide value off your list and outsource them to technology!

Technology can be our best friend at work and at home. Make it your ally and it will make your life much easier!


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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