Today our gadgets know more details about our private lives than our closest friends. The issue is browsing apps, chat rooms, and social platforms contain opt-in trackers that amass and analyze the data. The history of your searches is a precious material for advertisers since they can assume your behavior patterns, needs, and manipulate with triggering banners. Mainstream browsers offer an auto-fill tool which is highly insecure since your passwords are stored on a server that is easy to hack. Remember, that corporations and providers, like Google, participate in the data collection program. Your private files may serve to machine learning as well as for malicious purposes. How can you avoid online harassment and everyday espionage? 

The first thing you are to add to the must-have toolkit is the best anonymous browser. Learn what programs win over security-conscious users and pick the one fitting you! 

Hot 3: the best anonymous browser of this year

#1 Idyll browser

Best Anonymous Browser of 2019

Idyll is a vital component of Utopia – an encrypted ecosystem presenting a sound set of apps. The web surfing program facilitates secure viewing of the inside Utopia sites – this policy guarantees 100% domestic security. Idyll is free from ads and trackers; never amasses private info and search history. Elliptic cryptography and 256-bit AES, ensure the protected information exchange over all the Utopia opt-ins. What are the rest Utopia instruments? 

•    uMessenger;

•    uMail;

•    uWallet;

•    Mining bot.

Despite the fact that Idyll is an emerging web viewer, it has proved robust anonymity. Install Utopia right now to stay protected online!  

#2 Epic Browser

Best Anonymous Browser of 2019

This web surfing tool is ready to install on Apple computers and Windows. When using Epic, users bypass tracking algorithms and annoying ads. This browser never keeps the user’s history of searches enabling the incognito mode by design. 

Epic ensures your actual location is hidden since DNS prefetching is eliminated. This feature comes beneficial also because companies can’t target their ads on you without knowing your geo. What is advantageous about Epic is that it deactivates cookies automatically, so you don’t have you agree to questionable policies. Your cache is never stored, so that passwords, billing info, etc. 

That is essential Epic doesn’t slow down the overall performance when providing extra security. So, this browser is surely worth installing. 

# 3 Comodo Dragon Browser

Best Anonymous Browser of 2019

This web viewing program is available for Windows and mac OS users. Similarly to tools for security, Comodo restricts cookie files enabling anonymity and privacy when browsing the Internet. What is special about this program? 

Developers integrated algorithm identifying weak and reliable SSLs. These certificates encrypt the data before it transfers between a server and a web browsing app. Due to Comodo Dragon sorts out SSL certificates, the sensitive data you indicate online is protected at a higher level.

Remember, you can download the antivirus pack and other cybersecurity programs when installing Comodo. The team is focused on protective software, so you get the extensions for free of with discounts. An antivirus, in addition to Comodo Dragon, will warn you is the case you redirect to a fraudulent resource. Drive security at full speed and install Comodo browser! 

All in all

Installing one of the best secure browsers is the first and essential step to online protection. Remember to use VPN services, encrypted messengers, and protected emails along with a web surfing program to defend all the information you exchange – that is the only way to stay away from web espionage and hackers.  Extend your daily toolkit and enjoy real confidentiality! 



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