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We read a lot of articles on the internet throughout the day. If you are a voracious reader, then you must be aware of the huge knowledge hub, the internet is. It often happens that you have a passion or penchant for a particular field, say, Science, and you spend mot of your day scrolling through science articles and reading them. At one point, you get lost amid the huge ocean of websites and blogs, and you are literally, confused and clueless about which sites to follow and which sites to overlook. It becomes difficult to keep track of all the leading websites, producing science articles or articles on other relevant topics.

The problem is real and hence, there is an amazing solution for it. There are three sister websites TechURLs, DevURLs and SciURLs. These three websites are news aggregators, which track and consolidate the latest technology, developer and science news and articles respectively. It collects up-to-minute news articles and headlines from the most popular sources of the internet. You can then read the most important articles and news and keep yourself updated.


TechURLs consolidates important news and articles from the most popular technology websites and blogs. The famous names that have their place among the top 30 websites are Reddit, Hacker News, Digg, Wired, Slashdot, The Verge, Medium, Tech Crunch, Engadget, Mashable, etc. Click on the headlines you want to read and the concerned webpage.


The second of the three sister websites is DevURLs. As the name suggests, this website is for software developers who read software and website development articles to keep themselves in sync with the latest progress in the field of software development. Top websites, whose news are aggregated in DevURLs are Medium (Programming), Lobsters, Hacker Noon, Smashing Magazine, Google Developers Blog, Facebook Code Blog, etc. It also has a separate section for GitHub repositories.


You can understand it well that SciURLs is all about aggregating science related news and articles. This website is a gold mine for students and teachers alike. The top websites, that you can track on SciURLs are Nature, Medium (Science), Scientific America,, Wired, IEE Spectrum, Science Daily, BBC Science, etc. 


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