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Technology is advancing and it has become an important part of our everyday use. Smartphones and other devices like this have also become a necessity and you can’t keep your kids away from them for long. At some point you will have to give in with the society and the culture. It becomes difficult to keep your kid safe but that is where parental control apps come in handy.

1.     Track every move

Kids tend to ask for freedom and digital freedom needs to be limited. You can’t allow them to do whatever they want on the internet without keeping an eye on them. But since you can’t keep an eye on them all the time thus parental control apps come In handy and they allow you to track every digital move or you kid without them even knowing.

2.     Track location

Kids tend to hover around and sometimes they get missing as well. But in most cases when they hit middle school they tend to bunk classes and wander off here and there where they shouldn’t be. Parental control apps allow you to track the exact location and the surroundings of your kid using GPS and the device’s camera. You can know exactly where you kid is at the exact time.

3.     Access to social media apps

Having a social media account is a trend these days. All kids, adults and even elders these days have Facebook or Instagram accounts. You might be able to check your kids regular phone activities but such accounts are always password protected and kids these days are quite private. Parental control apps allow you keep tabs on their social media accounts as well so that you know what they post or who they get in contact with.

4.     Restrict inappropriate content

There is so much inappropriate content on the internet. Either you kids can access it themselves by searching for it or it just popup on their screen with ads. So the best way to make sure that they don’t get exposed to such content is to block it on their device using parental control applications. Mobicap is one of the best which provide you incredible solution through which you can track and restrict your child’s activities.

5.     Limit usage

If you hand a cell phone to your kid nowadays you can watch them use it for hours without even moving. Kids these don’t tend to socialize physically instead they use social media or other platforms on the internet to connect with people and entertain themselves. Over use of the technology isn’t good for kids. That is why it is important for you to limit their usage and parental control apps let you do that easily.

There are a number of different parental control applications that are available in the market. Each one of them comes with different features and they are vast in some cases which give you full control over your kid’s device and every day activities.


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