Careers that are extremely tech focused have increasingly become some of the best paid positions on the market, and it’s easy to see why; they typically require an extensive amount of knowledge, and sometimes just as much, if not more, time to master than many other jobs.

However, that doesn’t mean that people need to invest as much time as they think into learning many of the certifications that can lead to high paying jobs. This is especially true with Microsoft certifications, which have been shown to lead to some of the best paying tech positions around the world.

While they do require a significant amount of time to study and master, in this day and age, they don’t need the same amount of time investment – or even monetary investment – than you might think. After all, many people can now get Microsoft certifications online, with a minimal financial investment.

Many of these are so high paid due to the fact that the demand for tech specialists has been increasing constantly for the past several years. However, this demand hasn’t been met by the supply side of the equation. This is especially true across the UK, where computer and tech focused positions are some of the most in-demand positions on the market.

However, this demand doesn’t seem like it’s going to be met anytime in the close future, as this lack of skills and expertise is beginning to cripple the UK workforce. However, that doesn’t mean that people can’t begin to tackle the lack of skills, and start to get pretty well compensated because of it. After all, the harder it is to fill a particular position, the more possible employees will be able to ask for when it comes to a salary.

Because of that, the salaries of many tech specialists has seen a massive increase in the past few years, with many in the mid-to-late stages of their career being able to comfortably make six figure salaries. This is especially true when it comes to Microsoft experts, who are currently some of the most sought after employees across the workforce, even among tech specialists.

This is down to the fact that many companies, whether intentionally or not, rely an awful lot on Microsoft’s products, due to the fact that they’re one of the biggest tech companies in the world, with the companies systems forming the basis of most computers currently in use. Add in their suite of apps, and you’ve got a number of different areas to specialize in.

But that still begs the question as to what the best certifications are to get when you’re considering future earning potential.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert – Cloud Platform & Infrastructure

Formerly known as the MCSE Server Infrastructure certificate,  this focuses on positions such as cloud administrator, cloud architect, computer support specialist, and information security analyst. Demand for each of these positions is so high worldwide that it’s easy to command a six figure salary from employers.

This is because many businesses are moving their systems into the cloud and need people with extensive skills and experience working on, as well as securing, these kinds of platforms. Add in how skilled people with this kind of certificate are with most non-cloud computer systems, and they’re a major asset for most businesses that require a lot of computing power.

Even for those who are just starting out in their career with this kind of speciality, they can still command an impressive salary compared to many of their peers in different niches.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: App Builder

App developers and software developers are always going to be in demand, and having even one MCSD App Builder certificate is more than enough to impress almost any potential employer. While those considering it only need to get certified once, you can get recertified every year in order keep up with the latest technology.

Going the route of getting re-certified also shows that employees are dedicated to their craft, and they should be able to demand more money with each passing year, in addition to the extra salary they could ask for due to having more and more experience as time passes.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Data Engineering with Azure

Aside from App Building and Cloud Computing, this is definitely the most in demand Microsoft certificate among employers, as many with this certificate can routinely find work as a database analyst, database designer or. business intelligence analyst.

While crafting and improving a businesses computing power will always be in demand, business and database analysts are almost as important, and provide a key function for many businesses, no matter the niche. On top of that, they’re also incredibly necessary for any industry that requires any kind of large logistical operation, so many businesses that have national or international operations will always need one.


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