Google Chrome now enables users to add multiple Gmail accounts and create individual user profiles. For example, you have two gmail accounts, one for your personal purpose and the other for your academic or job purpose. It’s obvious that bookmarks, searched items, mails of the user profiles will be different from each other. Hence, it’s always important to separately maintain the two user profiles. However, if you frequently need to access both the profiles, then how to switch between the two profiles or among the several profiles in an easy way? The answer is simple just a tap of the key combinations of keyboards. The key combination varies for different operating system. Here we shall focus on Windows.

First you need to add all the profiles or Persons. The key combination mentioned here can be used to add new accounts and also switch to the incognito mode with a swipe of fingers.

1. The first step is to open the profile switcher. On Windows, with a Chrome window active type Ctrl+Shift+M. The profile window pops up. Now click on Switch Person.

Switch person

2. Now the profiles will appear in a new window. Select the one you need.

Switch user profiles

That’s all


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  1. Yes I forgot my password on my profile on Facebook and they force me to make another one and I want my old one back how can I get it back


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