This article will help you to stop or disable Location tracking while surfing in the Internet Explorer 10.

What is Location Tracking in Windows 8?

This is basically a trick performed by the websites to collect data about different users worldwide. Your information is more valuable to the different website owners than you value yourselves. Creating a database about users and keeping a knowledge of their interests, surfing data, and personal information such as email id, contact numbers, etc are very popular these days. For instance just think about your email inbox, how do you receive mails from anonymous mail ids even when you have not provided them your’s? The answer is simple, through these databases.

Steps to stop Location Tracking in IE 10

1. On your Home Screen press Windows button + C keys or hover the mouse cursor to the right corner of your
screen to open the Charms Bar.
Open Charms Bar
2. Now, click on the Change PC Settings Charm.
Click Change PC Settings
3. A new window will appear, over there click on the Privacy Settings.
Click Privacy Settings
4. Now, you will get an option “Ask For Location”, slide it to OFF position to disable Location Tracking.
Slide to OFF
And now you have disabled Location Tracking through Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8.


Susham is a part time blogger and a Software Engineer by Profession. He has keen interest in latest Gadgets and Tech updates. Like us he is also passionate about Windows 8.


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