SmallPDF is a PDF editor software, which is available both online as well as a standalone application for Windows operating system. Few days ago, I needed to use a PDF editor, which would allow me to merge two pdf files into a single file. After hovering through several PDF editors, both paid and free, I came across SmallPDF. It is a paid application but surpasses other paid PDF editor applications in every possible way. SmallPDF has a user-friendly interface, and the most important quality is its ability to edit PDF files super-fast and hassle-free.

In this article, I will share my genuine review about the same.

What is PDF?

Before sharing the review, let me tell you a few things about PDF files. If you already know, you can skip this paragraph and move straight to the review. PDF is the acronym for Portable Document Format. It was first developed by Adobe, with a motive that this type of file can be viewed on any device and any platform. PDF files cannot be edited normally. Thus, there is an added layer of protection against any unintentional mishandling of the data. You can save any document file, or image file as PDF file and share it with others. But, editing PDF files is not easy, and it cannot be done without the aid of any third-party application. There is copious editor software available in the online market, including application developed by Adobe.

Important Features of SmallPDF

1. SmallPDF is a paid subscription app, which also has a standalone application for Windows operating system. This means you won’t need internet connection to edit your PDFs on the desktop application of SmallPDF.

2. SmallPDF has a PDF compressor feature, which helps users to compress PDF files without deteriorating the quality.

3. You can convert PDFs to a plethora of file formats, such as, Word, Excel, image files, and vice-versa. Every conversion is smooth as butter and no deterioration is observed in terms of formatting or integrity.

4. With the help of SmallPDF, you can unlock a locked PDF or lock a PDF. It has in-built tools for password removal, encryption, decryption, etc.

5. If your PDF file has Page numbers out of sync or non-existent, then SmallPDF will be able to insert page numbers in any PDF document.

6. You can merge multiple PDFs into a single PDF, or even split a single PDF to multiple PDFs. With the help of this software, you can organize your PDF documents at ease.

Final Take

I have used SmallPDF for merging two PDF files, and it turned out to be pretty smooth and easy. The user interface is so well-designed, that any novice user can use it. There is a free trial version, which is valid for 1 month, after which you will be charged. There are various paid subscriptions as well. You can check their website for detail on plans and subscriptions. I will highly recommend users for using SmallPDF.


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