The date and time format can be customized to any desired format, both short and long formats. Generally short formats are displayed on taskbar, so in order to change the date and time format in taskbar, the short formats must be changed.

Date and time format in windows 8

Some date and time formats are as follows:

d = day

M = month

y = year


d or dd = displays as day number

ddd = displays as abbreviated day name

dddd = displays as full day name


M or MM = displays as month number

MMM = displays as abbreviated month name

MMMM = displays as full month name


y or yy = displays up to the last 2 digits of the year

yyy or yyyy = displays as full year

The following tutorial will help you to show day and month Names in the Windows 8 Taskbar System Tray Dat

Steps to Show Day and Month Names in the Windows 8 Taskbar System Tray Date

1. Press Windows+X and click on Control Panel to open it.

Control Panel

2. Now click on Region.


3. Now th list of date format appears. Click on Additional Settings.

Additional Settings

4. Click on the Date tab.


5. Now see, there are both short and long formats. The short formats are displayed on the task bar. So click on it and change it to dddd, MMMM d, yyyy.

Short Date

6. Now select the Date tab, and change the short date format to h:mm:ss tt. Click Apply and then OK to save changes. The time and date format will be changed.

Time Formats


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