The report which has been revealed by the annual stage is the 12th time in a row, has now again named the Scaled Agile Framework, as one of the world leaders in the best framework for the agile model, and also one of the most used approaches for the same to scale up the Agile for the second year from the past two years in a row. More than, one-fourth of the attendees identified the SAFe as the method with most of the time at a closer rate. The framework is also increasing across the globe to speed up the software delivery, managing the priorities task and to increase up the productivity, and in that SAFe Agilist certification plays a major role to crack it.

The report of the year 2018 comes with some of the latest Agile trends; lessons learned to keen on the success of Agile transformations. The report which has been published every year by the CollabNet VersionOne has now become one of the most used, longest running and largest cited Agile survey across the globe.

Scaled Agile Inclusive, which is one of the leading providers of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has now been recognized for a long time as a market leader in the enterprise agility model of certification and education. The company has also been provided by the SAFe training and development enterprises in more than 80% of the Fortune 100 companies. Around 250000 people have already been trained across the globe with a role based on the curriculum that also now includes the eight professionals’ credentials which have also been designed to meet the particular needs of a Lean-Agile Professionals with their primary career as they consult, practice or even train the other people in SAFe.

The world-leading provider of the Framework for the purpose of agility, Scaled Agile Inclusive. With the help of learning and certification, a global partner network and some of the other populating community of around 40000 trained professionals, Agile helps the organization’s to improve the better business results, build up the better systems and increase the engagement of employees. It is also a contributing member of the 1% corporate philanthropy pledge community and the community service movement.

Some of the advantages of SAFe approach adoption

The most widely and significant used benefit of adopting the Scaled Agile Framework is the opportunity to click into a relatively lightweight framework that even creates efficiency in the development of software while maintaining a centralized decision making necessary at the organization level. Moreover, Scaled Agile Framework extends the idea of an agile beyond the front lines of software development to the leaders who must even answer higher level of strategy questions.

Much more specifically, SAFe was even designed to maintain a high level of picture for the software development; it can even handle some of the highly consolidated coordinated strategy for the complex objects and large scale with teams that can multiply the number into the thousands. Moreover, because it is rooted in the entire lean and agile principles, as it remains much more effective and efficient than any other traditional approaches which help in the delivery of software.

Scaled Agile Framework is much more beneficial for the organizations that need to work across the different teams, as it helps to centralize the entire purpose of coordination. It also allows for the standardized purposes across the teams and helps to avoid any of the delays and obstructions that may also pop up when different teams need to work in an aligned manner.

Some of the other notable benefits of SAFe(Scaled Agile Framework) is its ability to help the teams in maintaining alignment with the higher goals of the business. This alignment can even often get lost in the agile environments that can take more of an approach which is of a bottom-up, as the developers and testers can sometimes also lose sight of an essential part of the perspective business objectives. Furthermore, SAFe top-down alignment and even the centralize decision making make sure that the strategic objectives which also remains on the top of mind and that all kind of decisions to get made in support of those same objectives.

The Framework of SAFe

The main central and core belief of a Scaled Agile Framework is much simpler: The Better purpose of system and software make the world a better place to solve the customer problems. SAFe even helps the organizations to achieve this mission with the Scaled Agile Framework Network, and with the help of world-class training service, SAFe Agile program for certification etc. So to know more about Scaled Agile Framework one has to attend SAFe Training.


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