Why Renderforest Is A Prospective Video Editor For Windows Users?

Windows users have an inbuilt photo and Video editor, that is the Photos app. Users often use it for editing their pictures and videos but due to the limitations in the editing options, the software cannot be termed as a versatile one. There are many options available for Windows users. There are a plethora or UWP apps as well as desktop applications, which present a huge collection of editing features, but as we know all good things come with hefty price tags. But to prove this idea as wrong, Renderforest is here! It is the only free web online video editor that will overwhelm you with a humongous collection of editing and designing features. Not only does it allow you to edit videos, but the utility apps have capabilities far beyond it.


It enables you to create a video, make logo, design, 3D animation, website designing features and many more. With Renderforest, you can get access to 100s of animated scenes, social scenes, videos for social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube and so on. The best thing about this video is, you can create professional quality videos with a plethora of high end editing options and all these are available for free. The features of the video are endless, but still, they can be classified into broad divisions.

Prolific Features Of Renderforest Online Video Editor

  •  A Great Option For Social Media Content Creator: Videos for social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook. If you are a content creator on Facebook or YouTube, you must know how difficult it is to create a flawless video with the handful of options available to us. With Renderforest, this limitation is clipped off. You can create intros, outros, trailers for your social media channel.
  • Huge Library of 3D Animation Templates For Educators: If you are an educator or say an educational content creator, you must be well aware of the huge demand of 3 dimensional animated videos among kids. The enormous collection of such templates helps you to create explainer animations, educational presentations and whiteboard videos, product or service promos and much more.
  • Personal Video Editing: You can create your own personal videos, like videos of wedding, birthdays, engagement, etc. with utmost ease.
  • Support Mobile App Videos: Renderforest helps users to create amazing mobile app videos, promotional videos, marketing and company promotion videos. So, you can imagine the vastness of the library, Renderforest offers.
  • Music Visualization Videos: Music visualization templates are not something you get everywhere. Indie artists and DJ artists can also use this platform to create scintillating music visualizations.
  • Others: Logo designers can also deploy this platform to create different genres of logos such as 3D logos, dark logos, exploding and burning logo, holiday logo, company logo, retro logo and footage based logos, pixelating logos, color collision logo shot, explosion logo, Sakura blossom logo. There are several options available for creating slideshows. You can create corporate slide shows, real estate slideshows, personal occasions slideshows, etc.


  • Each and every utility feature can be applied to endless situations and all these can be accomplished using the web browser itself.
  • Cloud is the main platform. Hence, no space from your hard drive is consumed unnecessarily.
  • You do not need to install any separate application for this. The web application is self sufficient. This application cannot be termed as an exclusive software for Windows users because it is a web app and hence platform independent.
  • The process of creating videos is very easy. All you need to do is create a new project. Save your project in your Dashboard. You can edit each and every clip or the project as a whole whenever you want. It allows you to host all your files seamlessly.


Well, to be honest, there is no negative point that can be mentioned about the software. Still, if I have to mention one, then I would probably say, the website needs to be a bit more structured. Even though there are copious editing options, but they are not ordered properly. So, a new user will have to spend a lot of time hovering the website to find the right editing feature.

Renderforest online video editor is a versatile and popular online video editor application that has several high end clients across the world.


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