Sensitive data and personal data are at risk most of the times. There are several instances in which a data gets lost from a computer and therefore data recovery process needs a holistic approach. Data loss is such a big problem that big business organizations, companies and even bigger tech monsters are not spared. Data loss ranges from an accidental deletion of a file to a mass deletion if file due to system crash.  There are many situations in which a computer may lose its data- you may accidentally delete files from the computer, Shift+Delete or permanent removal of files, emptying of Recycle Bin, operating system crash, system crash, database corruption, system corruption, hard disk damage, raw partition recovery, hard disk damage, etc. The solution to all these problems is an efficient and fast recovery software.

easeus data recovery

We have reviewed several data recovery software in the past. This time we are trying our hands with the EaseUS data recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery Software helps you to retrieve all lost data from your PC. With this free data recovery software, you can save your PC from a plethora of data loss cases. Sometimes, we make a grave mistake when files from Recycle Bin are removed permanently. Computers are highly susceptible to virus attacks. Virus software attacks can harm your computers to a great extent, starting from vanishing certain files to complete crash of the system. This file recovery software can get you back all the lost files out of the corrupted system. EaseUS also works great as an OS Crash Recovery tool. It provides WinPE to create bootable media to recover lost data. Another prominent feature of EaseUS is the RAW Partition Recovery. There are certain instances when the hard disk or any partition of the  suddenly becomes RAW, it fails to access any stored data. This is indeed a serious situation which leaves you in pieces. But with EaseUS data recovery software, you can directly free download the best data recovery software. These are some of the main issues addressed by the software. Besides, it can also retrieve data from a formatted disc, crashed hard drive, mistakenly formatted hard drive, etc.

easeus data recovery software

The process of using the software is super simple. First of all install the EaseUS data recovery software free  . Run the .exe file and initiate the installation process by following some simple steps.

Next, you have to search for the location where the data loss event has occurred. All lost and disrupted partitions will appear on the screen. From there you can choose the required partition. Start the Quick scan followed by Deep scan. These two recovery options are so detailed that it won’t miss out even the smallest files.  The best thing about the software is that it enables you to pause a recovery process. You can check the status of recovery and even import and export scanning results, if you want to. Finally, you have to filter out your desired scan results.

windows data recovery

EaseUS data recovery software free is extremely well crafted. This is a life saving option for those who have accidentally lost their PC data. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Before trying the paid version, you can use the free version. The software is amazingly helpful and is worth a try.



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