WhatsApp came with a boom and has now become the top messenger application that lets you connect with users all around the globe. It has offered a dynamic platform for communication and has moved ahead to become a business app that can perform small business marketing. Business buffs have taken this application to a higher level by using it as a source of promoting their products and services. 

People from all over the planet are using it as a progressive business tool and have fostered long term bonding with their clients using this app. So here are the real reasons why you can make a switch to WhatsApp Business API for generating some real customer engagement:

Marks the name of your brand

WhatsApp Business profiles let you connect to your customers on a one to one basis. It can help in developing a closed business environment with your clients where you can promote your brand and products directly. Also using Business WhatsApp fledges you with the advantage of sharing images, graphics, videos, etc. which stands to be more appealing in comparison to the emails and handouts. A one to one direct communication builds trust and also you may communicate all your policies products and new offers to lure your customers and to let them make a connection with your brand.

Lets you hit the right spot

It serves to be a multichannel marketing channel for your products and services. Yes, emails, bulk SMS, etc. do stand as a professional way of communication but gone are those days when these communication modes stood at the top spot. Do you remember the last time when your landline phone rang, and you picked it up to hear a salesperson promoting their product? Long back, right? Today is the era of mobile phones and reaching out to the place where your customers spend their maximum time is a better way out rather than using those traditional approaches that are gradually losing their existence.

Allows access on a global level

If you deal with products and services at an international level, then WhatsApp Business account allows you universal access. Making an international call or sending SMS internationally is enough to cause stress on your pocket. WhatsApp has become a worldwide affair and switching to this mode of marketing can save you quite a few bucks. Comparing SMS vs WhatsApp business will make you believe that the latter lets you reach out to customers crossing the boundaries of your country boosting your profits and sales.

Allows two-way communication

WhatsApp for small business allows a two-way communication where the customer can directly interact with the person operating the WhatsApp business account and get their queries cleared within minutes. No more are you required to face the hassles of filling a form and answering authentication questionnaire to prove you are not a robot. Real conversations serve to be the essence of using Business WhatsApp and it further enhances the customer experience.

Bottom Line

WhatsApp has moved ahead of just being a source of communication. Yes, it does provide you a channel to get connected with your near and dear ones, but it has also emerged as a powerful business tool for promoting your business on a global platform. It triggers the ‘being genuine’ factor and also lets you stand high in the competitive world unveiling new promotional standards.



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