In Windows 10, the universal file viewers have some inhibitions. They are not as universal as they are supposed to be. Not every app is versatile to support all types of compatible file formats. Some apps can play only common types of files while some others can play some special file types. For example, any media player can play MP4 file but only a few applications can play MKV files. Almost all picture editing software support .jpg files, but only Adobe Photoshop can open.psd files. So you must know that not every Windows 10 app can open every type of files. There is a reason behind it. Every media file required a codec to be installed before an app can play them. If the codec isn’t there, the file cannot be played. This is the reason why you can’t play OGG files in Windows 10.

OGG Files On Windows 10

What is an OGG Files? OGG file extension is an Ogg Vorbis Compressed Audio file. This type of file is generally used for holding audio data. OGG files can include the artist and track information as well as certain metadata. The word “Vorbis” corresponds to an encoding scheme by the developers of the OGG format, One important thing to remember here is that OGG files, that aren’t considered Vorbis can include other audio compression types like FLAC and Speex, and may also deploy the .OGA file extension.

1. Now if you want to play OGG files in Windows 10, then you have to install the codec needed to play OGG files in Windows 10. Microsoft has recently launched Web Media Extensions that allow you to play OGG, Vorbis and Theora files on Windows 10. Download Web Media Extensions and install it.

OGG Files On Windows 10

You will be asked to re-enter your Microsoft Account password. After entering your password, click on Sign in.

select user

Next, click on Get. The installation will take some time.

select user

You will be able to play OGG Files in Windows 10.

That’s all!


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