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The debate continues regardless of what profession or major a student is in. The Mac seems to be favored the most, indefinitely. For instance, when it comes to tech blogs and geek-centric online communities, Macs are ruthlessly taking over this community. The truth is there are merits to both systems.

Try asking the next student you come in contact with, “Are you a PC or MAC user?” and hear what their response is. The answer will be a “split down the middle” because it will depend on specific criteria according to many technology companies and surveys. In fact, according to various discussions online, including and, the question is very debatable. Look at some of the elements listed below that will affect the answer to the above question. Some of the most common reasons for either “operating system” will be the following:

  • The student’s background has a lot to do with buying a Mac or PC.
  • His/her major in school and personal interests (architecture, communications, music, gaming, engineering, art…etc.)
  • Parent’s income (low, middle, or high)
  • Demographics of students’ residence (Western, Eastern, Southern,etc. in a global world network)
  • Courses student is in (i.e. engineering, art, science/math…)
  • Future plans after graduating (high school or college)

Source: QUORA/2018 and

The operating system on both types of computers for students:

One of the major criteria to mac vs pc for students is the operating system itself. If you don’t know what each one is capable of doing, how will you know if you are able to utilize the operating system to its full capabilities? Here’s the breakdown of the two.

Apple, Mac OS

According to an article written by Arielle Pardes, “How Apple lost its place in the classroom,” Apple had the majority of buyers when it came to computers sold on the market (, 2018). Today, Apple’s operating system is called mac OS. Back in 2012, Apple created a large requisition order for computers. This order was to supply thousands of schools all across America the opportunity to have a computer in every classroom. In fact, it helped “string along” the demand for this particular type of computer. Emphasizing the demand for education and learning in the 21st century classroom. This was the main purpose for these donations. While doing so, it helped (and still helps) students improve their education. All types of student backgrounds were able to utilize a computer while in school and out of school. Used for typing, researching, and basically used for classroom settings it really helped students going into the 21st century. Nevertheless, Chromebooks ended up taking its place 40 years later, claims Pardes (, 2018).

Windows PC

Windows is considerably the dominating system being used today. Approximately 90% of personal computers are using it. Windows is an operating system currently under its 10th version. Microsoft Corporation made a series of versions of the popular operating system. Although it does provide “graphical displays,” the system provides users the ability to organize information with ease. There are various tools and icons which do help the user. In fact, some of the operations may be deemed easier to use because of these elements. Therefore, this is why it’s a popular computer to use for students and teachers alike. As a result, a few years back, Chromebooks shipped to THOUSANDS of schools across the USA. It made up of more than half of computers shipped. 58% of these shipments were these computers which also made the percentage more than half in 2015. In 2013, it made up at least 38% according to research marketing surveys (Futuresource). Other devices received a significant drop (19%). Last year it was reported by Pardes that the Windows 10 laptops were designed for students exclusively. They were also designed at a very affordable price of $189 on average (Pardes, 2018).

Source: Wired


Nevertheless, students and business students may want to use a MAC because it has less ads and third-party companies signed on. Comparably, it is not a secret anymore that the Windows PC has tons of ads and because of the Chromebook, which is so amplified with ads, students may not want or need to see all these ads while studying or researching their assignments. Consequently, when it comes to the Windows PC, if a student is going by what they could afford, naturally they may want a Windows PC, since they are cheaper. Macintoshes can begin at a price range of a minimum of US$800. Engineering students will ultimately choose a Macintosh because it is user-friendly. The graphical interface it has embedded in the operating system is also ideal for engineering students.

Students, Teachers and their Preference

Teachers will ultimately choose the mac OS because of user friendliness, less ads, wider screens, the clarity, and much more elements a Macintosh provides compared to a Windows PC. For kids and parents, the answer becomes easier because it is the Macintoshes they would choose. The antivirus and user-friendly components are all there, again; less ads and third parties are the reason why it would be selected. Computer science students are normally going to want a Macintosh as well because of the same reason why engineering students may want it.

The last question goes to the general college students and how they can afford answered with MAC of course. How do college students afford them? Most college students can afford Macintoshes because they are being funded by their parents, their student loans, or their grants and scholarships. As a result, it seems to be that the Macintosh computer is the best type of computer for students, young and old.


Consequently, if you work for a custom essay writing company or you need to write essays throughout your entire educational career, it’s best to say that using a mac OS would help because of its user-friendliness and it doesn’t come with all those “keywords and bugs” filtered by third party companies wanting all your personal information. Thus, it may be a little pricey too, but this is what you pay for. Otherwise choosing a Windows personal computer for essay writing is your best bet because they are cheaper computers.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


  1. I am not sure where you are looking, but there are no Ad’s in Window 10. If you purchase an HP from a retailer, they have pre-loaded games that can be removed. I would recommend a Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Book. These are amazing devices and are every bit on par with Mac’s build-wise. The Surface Pro and Book 2 are computers, as well as tablets. When you add the Surface Pen, you will appreciate the capabilities of OneNote and other applications.

    While schools pushed the Chromebooks, many are finding that these were horrible investments. They are nothing more than an input device and barely good for email and using Google Docs. Schools end up spending more because for coding and other classes, they needed real computers.

    I teach at a university and all of the graphics majors are coming in with Surface devices because they are more powerful and the capabilities of the pen. Mac has lost its luster and the Surface is the way to go.


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