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Gone are the days when children had to wait the entire year for an excursion to a planetarium with school, to learn about our solar system. Now the entire universe is in front of our eyes, thanks to the internet. Long back, we used a globe to study our earth, and only pictures in books to study the solar system. Now, there is no such constraint. If you are a Windows 10 user, you can give your child a chance to experience the outer space with the help of Planetarium 3D for Kids application.

Planetarium 3D provides a spectacular representation of all 8 planets of the Solar System and our natural satellite moon. If you have a laptop or a PC with Windows 10, you have to purchase the Planetarium 3D app from the Windows Store, as it is a paid app. It gives an insight of the Universe and a more realistic view of the solar system in 3 dimensions. The imageries are quite realistic and appear as if they are seen from the Hubble space telescope. The application is feature rich and so beautifully designed that it can also be a great source of knowledge for adults as well.


The application enables you to change the scale and zoom in or out to view the different parts of the sky. For example, you can venture through the Milky Way, the Saturn’s Rings, The red spot on Jupiter, and even minute details like lunar craters. Not only does the application shows the 3 dimensional images of the heavenly bodies, but also gives a detailed information about each body. So, you can read what role each planet or celestial body performs in the solar system.

There are much more beyond this. The software is extremely easy to use with a beautifully crafted user interface. It happens that the books on astronomy or encyclopedia appear boring to certain kids, especially those who have not yet reached the reading and understanding age. Even though reading books is always appreciated and should be a part of our life, yet an app like this will inculcate a strong concept on planetary bodies and the sky from an early age. Irrespective of whether your child aims to be an astronaut or a scientist, you can always make him/her learn about the fascinating universe.

Planetarium 3D for Kids is a paid app and costs $2.99. Presently, there is a 50 % discount on the price, so if you purchase now, you can get it for $ 1.49.

planetarium 3d


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