Must-Have Techs for a High-Performance Gaming Experience

Video games are part of the modern experience. People of all ages, around the world play video games to relax a little bit, blow off some steam, and have fun. If you’re under 50, you grew up with them. Even if you’re not, I bet you know someone your age who can’t stop playing puzzle games on their phone. They’re our modern pastime. Some of the more serious players, especially PC game players, find that having the best gear that fits their style of play to be beneficial. Some even take it to the next level and compete in gaming competitions. If you’re someone who is looking for an upgrade, or even if you’re looking to start your journey as a serious gamer, here are some of the absolute must-haves to take your gaming experience to the next level.


Choosing the right gaming motherboard can spell the difference between accurately performing in a game, and lagging behind the competition. Now, for most casual gamers, a brand new desktop might be able to have all the hardware necessary to take on the average global competition. But once you get into the higher tiers, you’re playing against individuals with some serious firepower. If you take a look at and their comparisons, you’ll find that not all motherboards are created equal. Because of the fast-paced and surprising advancement in gaming technology, it’s becoming increasingly important to invest in one that provides the best possible audio, the most up to date attachments, and good quality components. Find one that is compatible with your CPU and can serve as the base for all of the other components you may want to add. 


The graphics processing unit, next to the CPU, is the most important component dictating your PC’s performance for gaming. Choosing the right one means you’ll be able to handle and weave through all sorts of gaming landscapes and features without a hitch. Modern GPUs aren’t just for text and images. They can be used for 3D and augmented reality platforms as well. If you’re not up-to-date on your graphics card, you may fall behind on the latest games and all the stops they pull in order to do intensity and speed into the gameplay. It’s kind of a one-up in the tech world. As GPUs get more advanced, developers make games that test it to the max. That, in turn, dictates the production of newer, better GPUs, so on and so forth. It’s always a good idea to stay up to date, especially if you’re looking towards the big leagues. 

Game Booster

A game booster is a type of software that adjusts all the settings, also known as “peripherals” in order to fine-tune your computer specifically for gaming. It selectively ends unnecessary processes and pauses things that don’t directly contribute to your gaming experience. It’s like shifting the entire focus of your machine to the singular objective of gaming. It’s pretty cool. Some are specific to one operating system, and some can be used on every kind imaginable. The best part is, most of them are free and can be downloaded online. 

Must-Have Techs for a High-Performance Gaming Experience

Gaming Headphones

Gaming headphones might seem like a bit of a frivolous buy until you use a pair. If you’re into first or third-person shooters, the importance of a good set of gaming headphones cannot be understated. Ever since Counter Strike, the use of shots in the distance and footsteps have been an integral part of how you interact with the game. If you don’t have the right gear to hear where everything is, you’re bound to get taken out by someone who does. Studio monitor headphones can work, but they’re often used in music production. That means you’re going to have an unnecessary range of sounds as opposed to the focused sounds of a game. The best part is that they’re relatively affordable. The difference in sound perception—not necessarily sound quality, is relatively constant throughout the $50 to $200 range. Now, the upper price ranges will give a much crisper sound, for sure. But in the chaos of a massive battle, one might not even notice. 

There are so many additions and upgrades you can take advantage of in the gaming world. Most of them are to get that 5% edge in high stakes gaming. If you’re looking for the best gaming experience you can have, invest in what the pros use. Who knows, with all the know-how and the comfort using high powered hardware, you just might make it. Happy gaming! 


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