2020 was a great year for mobile apps!

    The last year was a rough ride for the major part of the planet and that is a fact. However, mobile apps have been on the rise as peoples’ desire to stay connected and entertained suddenly skyrocketed! Although some people may find this fact irrelevant, it is actually quite important for app developers.

    That’s why knowing about the most popular mobile apps in 2020 can become a hint to where to aim for when considering creating your own application. So, let’s take a look at these top downloaders and sellers to find out more.

#1: TikTok

    This entertainment platform took the Internet by storm as the app was downloaded 850 million times. Its users are able to create videos, share them, and get popular quite fast. TikTok’s success formula is really simple — it is a social media app that’s based around a short-term video concept with lots of additional features. TikTok could be considered as a successor of — a program that was highly popular up until 2018.

#2: Tinder

The second place is taken by Tinder. This dating app has exploded on the Internet and there are reasons behind this. If you want to find out what features make Tinder so great, check out this link. The app itself was so successful in 2020 that it almost reached TikTok in terms of gross revenue peaking up to $513 million, according to Forbes.

#3: YouTube

    Although the company did not make it to the “top downloaded” list of 2020, it definitely reached an honorable 3rd place when talking about gross revenue. The reason might be quite simple — the major part of Android devices have YouTube pre-installed so it’s not really surprising that the app didn’t make it as there’s no need to download it!

#4: Facebook, Messenger, & WhatsApp

    These three apps are coupled in one spot because they are basically from the same basket. All three apps are free so there’s no need to view their revenue. However, they are some of the most downloaded ones worldwide. The reason why they are being downloaded so much is simple — the number of mobile  phone users is rising a stable fashion. Facebook is the most popular social media platform and its messaging apps are as well.

#5: Zoom

    The major success of this app is caused by the novel COVID-19 and the pandemic that it caused. Business meetings, school lessons, and much communication moved to the digital environment and Zoom happened to provide convenient tools for that purpose. So, it’s no surprise why Zoom was downloaded almost 500 million times during 2020.

#6: Snapchat

    This app’s major success is a result of quite a unique concept. Snapchat was originally designed to be a messenger with functions such as short video recording; however, any type of content sent is available only temporarily! Now, its functionality includes but is not limited to live video chatting, sharing stories with followers, and messaging.

#7: Telegram

    This application is basically a messenger with emojis, stickers, and an ability to send files. Despite sounding generic, it is actually one of the most popular messaging apps out there. The reason is simple — security and privacy. Telegram is praised for its emphasis on the security of your conversations and is often contrasted with Facebook’s apps and the company’s policies regarding privacy.

#8: Netflix

    A well-known streaming platform has been downloaded 223 million times and grossed $209 million in 2020. There’s no reason why Netflix should not be on this list — it is an app that features hundreds of movies and series while allowing people to create their own libraries and playlists. So, Netflix is just a well-designed video-on-demand app that was able to catch the wave.

Final thoughts

    COVID-19 has pretty much moved the major part of human interactions and entertainment online. Smartphones happen to be the most convenient gadgets that can be carried around anywhere and that is why 2020 has been a great year for mobile apps. The list itself is a testimony to this statement.

    After all, the most popular apps are those that allow people to connect with each other both physically and socially, like Tinder and all the messengers. Other apps, like TikTok and Snapchat, provide users with an opportunity to brighten up their free time while amassing followers. Finally, streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix are able to provide users with so-needed entertainment to stay sane during the ongoing lockdowns.


Nick is a Software Engineer. He has interest in gadgets and technical stuffs. If you are facing any problem with your Windows, feel free to ask him.


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