With Windows 10 set to launch soon, it seems that Microsoft is also testing and upgrading its other products. Neowin recently found out that Microsoft’s Bing search engine being tested and its navigation bar being updated. Microsoft’s new design language which is slowing being uncovered with new builds of Win 10 and phones, the navigation bar on Bing Search website appears to be featuring the company’s new design style.

Microsoft’s Bing navigation bar being updated

Similar to Windows 10, new navigation bar icons seem to be modified with user icons on the new navigation bar seems to be circular, and the settings cog now features a wireframe icon. Additionally, slight changes have been made to the spacing and fonts. These changes are made by website designers with large touchscreen devices in mind, to make the website easier to interact with on large touchscreen devices.

However, the new navigation bar currently displays only on search pages and it does not appear on the Bing homepage on accounts. Not all the user accounts are tied up with new interface, meaning that Microsoft is still rollout phase. Neowin tested the new interface with several accounts with not all accounts being tied up with new navigation bar. Although one account displayed the new navigation bar in Internet Explorer, but didn’t display the updated navigation bar in Chrome.

Last year similar tests on navigation bar of Bing was conducted by Bing where they moved the navigation bar below the search box and tested three different flavors of test. Microsoft’s Bing always is into upgrade mode just like its competitors Google and Yahoo. Microsoft under Nadella’s guidance has undergone radical change over the past two years with naming of its apps, and their look, has evolved significantly. They have started using new design language, which is quit clean and has fresh look, in most of company’s products and services, from Windows 10 to Bing navigation bar to even employee badges which has new design where staff photos set in circles on their IDs.


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