Ads in the internet become annoying when you click on the ad and it starts installing something in your computer. Now Microsoft comes with a concrete solution to this ever annoying problem. Adwares doesn’t seem to be following rules set for them but this time Microsoft has set its new rules and regulations that will come into effect from July 1.

Microsoft's anti-malware team to have new adware rules July 1

The new set of rules that Microsoft Malware Protection Center set will set a limit on the adware. Microsoft said that if online ads run programs on a user’s PC and create “notifications promoting goods or services in programs other than itself” then there must be a clear “X” sign provided to cancel and escape such ads. If an adware pops message saying”the performance of your PC is poor” then it must mention that it is an ad and not a message generated by the computer itself. Moreover, if it installs any software it must allow the user ti uninstall and remove it.

After July 1, if an ad violates the said rules then it will be considered as adware and it “will immediately stop the program and the user will be notified. The user then has the ability to restore the program if they wish.”


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