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This is indeed a big news for game lovers. Microsoft is releasing a very important Software Development Kit that will enable game developers to integrate Xbox Live to cross platforms like iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch.

At present, there are a handful of games which have Xbox Live Achievements with titles from Microsoft Studios. With the new move, the Redmond based tech giant is taking Xbox Live one step forward and it will expand its devices from 400 million gaming devices to approximately 2 billion gaming devices. The current user base of 68 million active players is also going to get a revamp. So, you can understand Microsoft has huge aspiration with the Xbox Live expansion.

What new features will be offered to the developers? Well, the Xbox Live cross platform feature will enable provide developers with multiplayer functionality, integrating their friend lists as well as the achievements in the existing games. It is needless to say, that, Microsoft is simply exploring and expanding their gaming arena beyond traditional PCs and hence the company is including more software, services, platforms, players on other platforms. In this context, it is important to let you know that Microsoft is also working on another streaming service, the xCloud game streaming service that will stream Xbox games to a plethora of devices such as mobile, consoles, PCs, etc.

Another important game play is the Xbox Game Pass. It is a subscription-based gaming service where users can pay the amount of subscription and play the games on any device they want to. So, the new projects hint for a promising gaming experience in near future,


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