Microsoft To Add AI Theme Generator For Edge Browser Real Soon

Microsoft is working hard on rejuvenating its Edge web browser with a plethora of AI features. The company recently added Microsoft Copilot in the sidebar of its Edge browser. However, it is now known how long will the Copilot remain there, but according to the new Microsoft 365 Roadmap site, the Redmond based tech giant is planning to adumbrate AI generator integration with the web browser.

According to the website, Microsoft Edge will add an AI generator that would facilitate users to provide a text prompt and generate a series of images to set as browser theme. Users can set the AI generated result image on the Microsoft Edge new tab page. Also, users can apply the image’s dominant color to the browser frame.

A similar feature had been added in Teams back in January, where Teams premium users can create AI generated backgrounds for video conferences. Edge browser theme feature is nothing new, but the feature to generate a new theme based on textual prompts is definitely a new feature. Edge 124 is currently the stable version, whereas Channel 125 is running in Beta.

Check out Microsoft 365 Roadmap website for more information.


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