Microsoft Edge is the new edge web browser that has been introduced with Windows 10. At the recently held Build 2016 Conference held at San Francisco, a workshop titled “What’s next for Microsoft’s New Browser” was shown at the event. One of the slides suggested that Microsoft will introduce an in-built ad blocker to Edge browser. The slide was noted by ZDNet news channel.

Microsoft not including ad blocker into Microsoft Edge browser

It seemed that Microsoft is also joining the war of ad blocking that already has Mozilla, Apple and several other companies. Mozilla launched a browser named Brave with a built in ad blocker. Again Apple added a new concept that added a concept to incorporate ad blocking on Safari browser via third party extension. Opera also unveiled native ad blocking for the developer edition of its browser. However the ad blocker feature is detrimental to the revenues of websites.

However, amid all the circulating rumor, a Microsoft employee tweeted on Twitter that Microsoft is not incorporating any ad blocker within Microsoft Edge but they will continue to render support to third party ad blockers like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus. Native ad blocking is currently only available to a small portion of web users. If all major companies start adding ad blockers then it would provide a clear picture of where these companies are heading too.


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