Microsoft has announced its HoloLens which is a virtual reality headgear to create 3D holograms in reality. Hololens will enable you to feel the virtual world accompanied with many more exciting things. The device will probable launch next year but one of the important reasons why HoloLens need to wait before coming to market is the paucity of relevant apps. There is not many apps compatible to work with HoloLens.

Microsoft IT Showcase

Finally Microsoft IT Showcase is the first app that is listed in the Windows Store to work with Hololens wearable device. The app compends the top notch IT innovations at Microsoft. With this app, users and developers can deploy, develop and manage various Microsoft solutions.

Stay current with the latest IT innovations! Microsoft IT Showcase presents an inside view of the Microsoft IT process for developing, deploying, and managing Microsoft solutions. IT Showcase Modern Universal app on your Windows PC or Tablets Or Phones provides easy access, comprehensive search, and new content alerts for IT Showcase articles and media offerings to read, view, save, or share.

If you open the app page, you will find screenshot of HoloLens. Even though no more information is given about HoloLens, but it is the first app to showcase glimpse of HoloLens. To use this app, you need to upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10 Media Creation ToolMicrosoft IT Showcase


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