Microsoft is working with utmost dedication the upcoming Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft Edge has been one if the most wanted app or browser in both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Users have many demands that they want from Microsoft Edge. One of these most coveted features is the background downloading of files. Back in April, when Microsoft Edge was known as Project Spartan, the Microsoft Edge team said that they have future visions of bringing the background downloading of files even though they were not working on it. But Microsoft did not spill the beans as when the feature will come.

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 Mobile may get background downloading

Now it seems that the feature will eventually roll out after few more builds. So now the question is why is it even a big deal? While many of us will not bother about this background downloading feature, there are many who placed request to bring back the feature as soon as possible. The increased number of requests have made Microsoft to think about it.

Microsoft Edge Program Manager Ade Bateman answered the question of a user saying, “We’re working on it but we’re not sure when it will be ready. Probably won’t be in the first release.” So it is clear that the background downloading feature is on the way towards Microsoft Edge. The new feature will arrive after few builds and users will receive it via update of the Microsoft Edge app.


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