Ever since the announcement of Windows 11, a news which has set a new level of excitement is the availability of Android Apps in Windows 11. Users are inquisitive to know, how the Android apps will run on Windows 11, which apps will be available, etc. Microsoft has showcased a new Microsoft Store. Here, users will be able to search for Android apps. These Android apps will be there in the Windows Start Menu or the new Taskbar, along the Windows apps.

This feature is a result of a decade long demand from users, along with Microsoft’s effort and strategic planning to support Android apps on Windows. Recently, Microsoft had a collaboration with Samsung, and Windows 10 supported a feature, where you could run Android apps on your PC, but only for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. With this, Windows had to depend on the mobile platform. Thus to remove the platform dependence, Microsoft will bring this feature, where Android Apps will run natively without the requirement of any Android smartphone. This new thing will be powered by Intel’s Bridge technology, which is a runtime post-compiler that enables applications to run natively on x86-based devices, including running those applications on Windows. So, developers will no longer need to make individual Windows counterparts for the Android apps. The Bridge technology will mitigate the need for any change in code or any separate app development.

Surprisingly, the Android apps for Windows 11 will be provided to you by Amazon and not Google. Surprised? Amazon’s Appstore will be integrated with Microsoft store. We all know that Google Play Store has the biggest user base, when it comes to the Android app store. There are other app stores as well, such as, Galaxy Store, Amazon app store, which are way behind Play Store.

So, this time, the opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft has been bagged by Amazon. As Microsoft said, they will unveil more about Amazon app store in a couple of months.

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