Magnifier is an easy accessiblity feature in windows 10 and Windows 11, where users can zoom in or magnify the content on the screen. Magnifier feature is useful for users with visual difficulties. There are some keyboard shortcuts and reading commands, which might be helpful for your friend with visual difficulties.

Magnifier feature can be turned on or off very easily. To quickly turn on Magnifier, press the Windows logo key + Plus sign (+) . To turn off Magnifier, press the Windows logo key + Esc.

If you prefer using a mouse, select  Start  > Settings >  Accessibility Magnifier, and then turn on the Magnifier switch.

List Of Magnifier Keyboard Shortcuts, Reading Commands In Windowsn11

List of Magnifier keyboard shortcuts​

Press this keyTo do this
Windows logo key + Plus sign (+)Turn Magnifier on
Windows logo key + EscTurn Magnifier off
Windows logo key + Plus sign (+) or Minus sign (-)When Magnifier is on, zoom in or out
Ctrl + Alt + mouse scroll wheelZoom in and out using the mouse scroll wheel
Windows logo key + Ctrl + MOpen Magnifier settings
Ctrl + Alt + arrow keysPan in the direction of the arrow keys
Ctrl + Alt + IInvert colors
Ctrl + Alt + FSwitch to full screen view
Ctrl + Alt + LSwitch to lens view
Ctrl + Alt + DSwitch to docked view
Ctrl + Alt + MCycle through views
Ctrl + Alt + RResize the lens with the mouse
Shift + Alt + arrow keysResize the lens with the keyboard
Ctrl + Alt + SpacebarQuickly see the entire desktop when using full screen view

List of Magnifier reading commands​

Press this keyTo do this
Windows logo key + Plus sign (+)Turn Magnifier on
Start, pause, and resume readingModifier key + Enter
Stop readingAny key
Read from mouse pointerModifier key + Left Mouse click
Read previous sentenceModifier key + H
Read next sentenceModifier key + K

List of other accessibility keyboard shortcuts​

Press this keyTo do this
Right Shift for eight secondsTurn Filter Keys on and off
Left Alt + left Shift + Print screenTurn High Contrast on or off
Left Alt + left Shift + Num lockTurn Mouse Keys on or off
Shift five timesTurn Sticky Keys on or off
Num lock for five secondsTurn Toggle Keys on or off
Ctrl + EOpen Search (in most apps)
Windows logo key + AOpens Quick Settings
Windows logo key + Ctrl + CTurn color filters on or off
Windows logo key + HOpens voice typing
Windows logo key + Alt + HMove keyboard focus to the voice typing dialogue
Windows logo key + Ctrl + NOpen Narrator settings
Windows logo key + Ctrl + STurn on Windows Speech Recognition
Windows logo key + Ctrl + OTurn on the On-Screen Keyboard
Windows logo key + UOpens Accessibility Settings
Windows logo key + WOpens Widgets


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