Light Trace: A Perfect Software For PhotoRealistic 3D Rendering
New software and service for photorealistic 3D rendering

Let’s start with the basics. 3D rendering is the process of creating two-dimensional images from a 3D model. The generated image is based on a combination or mix of multiple data sources such as color, texture, and material. Rendering is used in advertising, animation, jewelry design, and architectural 3D visualization. For example, designers create photorealistic images of products for catalogs or online stores to impress customers.

Rendering is considered to be a creative process, very similar to photographing or cinematography because you use lighting, choose material behavior, camera view, and as a result, you get a realistic image. In the process of 3D rendering, 3D models are converted to 2D images with either photorealistic or close to real 3D effects. Rendering a single object or scene can take anywhere from a few seconds to several days.

Various technologies are used to achieve a photorealistic look. For example, ray tracing is a technology for creating realistic lighting, reflections, and shadows, providing a high level of authenticity. 

To create a photorealistic 3D image, you need skills of a graphics designer, a powerful computer, and, of course, professional software. What can be an ideal tool for a beginner or even a professional may not be suitable for another artist. Nevertheless, we found a great new software for photorealistic 3D rendering, which is suitable for both professionals and beginners. 

Light Tracer is a software for creating photorealistic images from 3D models. It works both as a Windows application and as a web service for browsers. It is a powerful tool that contains all the basic functions for creating photorealistic scenes and images. The tool supports the import of most formats of 3D models, such as OBJ, STL, or GLB. The app can deliver high-speed results by means of GPU-based rendering. Unlike other renders, Light Tracer works on any video card (NVidia / AMD). The biggest advantage, of course, is that you can create a photorealistic image online. According to our knowledge, currently, it is the only ray tracing renderer working inside a Web browser (client-side). 

With Light Tracer you can always expect high-speed computation of realistic images. You can see the result close to the final at any stage of the work. The powerful engine achieves almost real-time performance. When changes are made during rendering, they are immediately visible in the Light Tracer viewport. This means that you do not need to wait for the final render to see the results of changes.

Light Trace: A Perfect Software For PhotoRealistic 3D Rendering

It would not take much time to understand how to use the product. First, you need to download a 3D model from the Internet or create it using any 3D modeling tool and add it to the Light Tracer. After that, you need to choose materials for each part of the 3D model. You can use default materials or customize them for your needs. The app likewise supports adding texture maps (albedo, metallic, roughness, emission maps, normal and roughness maps). Finally, choose a background, environment map, and set up light sources. And just wait a bit till the final quality image will be ready.  

Light Tracer provides easy-to-use tools for creating photorealistic images and is available in the form of Web service and standalone windows application. Native version delivers fast GPU rendering at a fantastic price starting from $39 for a permanent individual license (there is a free trial period of 14 days.). As for Web version, it is absolutely free and even does not require registration! You can quickly get acquainted with the available functionality and create a render for free at

You can visit the official Instagram channel to see more renders (@lighttracerrender). Also, the renderer has quite an active Discord community where users post their renders and discuss rendering tricks and tips. Check it at


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