Market information technology is developing very fast. Modern software allows you to find clients around the world. Western companies increasingly trust the technical part of their business development with Eastern European colleagues. One of the most promising areas is considered IT outsourcing Ukraine. Specialists of this country can provide the top quality of the final product. They make comfortable conditions for cooperation, and budget savings. Outsourcing to Ukraine is also a geographically more convenient option for Western European and American partners.

Outsourcing in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the ten outsourcing countries. Due to its favorable geographical location, it has an advantage over India or China. The convenience of communication between employees thanks to adjacent time zones is as essential as the high qualification of software engineers. The process of work is sometimes almost as necessary as a result.


  • The delegation of technical developments to the Ukrainian office allows American and Western European businesses to save 40-60% of the budget. This is due to a cheaper standard of living in eastern Europe. This means that companies keep on salaries and renting an office, if necessary.
  • There are several models of interaction with performers. Depending on the size of the project, you can contact a freelancer. You may hire a few people from an outsourcing company, or organize a branch with a stationary office.
  • High competition among developers in Ukraine led to an increased level of technical specialists competence. Many companies organize specialized training courses. It is helpful to adapt graduates of technical specialties to the needs of the modern market.
  • Broadband Internet with unlimited bandwidth in significant cities of the country costs about $ 5 per month. For a connection speed of 100 Mbps in America, you will have to pay several times more. The speed and bandwidth of the Internet allow you to establish smooth operation. You can also develop and test software with any amount of processed data.


  • Overseas customers noted only one inconvenience. Even the simplest tasks need to be explained in detail in writing. This minus applies to any remote employees, and not to technical specialists. If the employee is in the next office, you can explain the task in words. And in the case when the team is located in another country, it is necessary to take measures to avoid misunderstanding.

Bottom line

Choosing Ukrainian outsourcing western IT brands are forced to agree with both the advantages and the temporary disadvantages of this type of cooperation. It is worth noting that the Ukrainian teams are doing everything to cut inconvenience. Programmers improve their English skill. The government also noted the mutually beneficial conditions for the outsourcing company Ukraine. Thus, the legal aspects of international activities are also gradually simplifying. For fruitful work with several Mangosoft developers or organizing a whole remote office, a simple contract is enough. The customer focus of local teams. They allow you to get not only an excellent finished product but also a pleasant communication experience.


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